Difference between Elote and Corn

Corn is the most produced grain in the world. This was domesticated in Mexico, its place of origin, about 10,000 years ago. From there, it spread to Europe, South America, and the United States. Currently, it is directly or indirectly part of the diet of millions of people. In Mexico, the term elote is more commonly heard instead of corn. Elote comes from the Nahuatl “elotl” , which was the first name that corn had. Although corn and corn do not correspond to synonymous terms, in Mexico they are usually interchanged. However, it is convenient to know the difference between one and the other in order to use them correctly.

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brief introduction Elote works as a synonym for corn on some occasions. This name comes from the Nahuatl “elotl” , a word used to refer to the plant. It can be understood as the fruit of corn. It is a grass plant native to central Mexico. Maize is the most widely produced cereal in the world, above wheat and rice. Corn is the whole plant together.
In Mexico Fresh corn is known as elote. Even if it is prepared, cooked, cut and consumed, it retains its name: elote. If a corn is shelled, then you have corn kernels. The cob (the ear formed by the cob and the corn kernels) is also known as corn. When corn kernels stop being fresh, that is, they dry out, they are known as corn. The corn kernels are inserted into the cob, which is the cylinder in the middle of the corn. Corn flour, popcorn, among others, are prepared with the corn.
In colombia The term elote is not used in Colombia. Instead, corn is used to refer to the plant and its fruit. The cob is called tusa. Young corn is known as choclo or chócolo.
In Argentina In Argentina it is known as corn regardless of whether it is the grains, the plant or its whole, fresh or dry. Corn is also used, but it is generally used when you do not want to go into detail.
In Spain In the same way, the word elote is not used in Spain. Corn is known as millet. As for the cob, it is known as panocha.
In other countries In several South American countries, the cob is known as “sara sara” or corn. Corn kernels are called “sara”. In Venezuela, elote (fresh or tender corn) is called “jojoto”. In Venezuela corn is the plant and its fruit together. Choclo, however, is more common than maize.

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