Difference between Edge and Vertex

The fundamental differences between an edge and a vertex are several. They are basic concepts of geometry. The edge is a line segment that limits a face or a side while a vertex where two or more one-dimensional parts join.


The edge is, for geometry, a line segment that limits with the face or side of a plane figure. In solid geometry, an edge is the segment of a line where faces meet.

It is also what in everyday language is known as edge, edge or end. It is the straight line of intersection of two planes or two surfaces of a polyhedron that intersect. In a polygon, two edges meet at each vertex.


It is the point where two or more one-dimensional elements meet, whether they are curves, vectors, rays, lines or segments. It is the meeting point of two one-dimensional elements where an angle is formed. The corners of a polygon and polyhedra are vertices. For an angle, the vertex is the point where two line segments meet.

It is the point where two lines or segments meet or intersect. The point where two curves intersect does not form an angle, but this can be calculated by approximating two tangent lines to each curve at the point of intersection using differential calculus, this allows an angle to be approximated at the vertex of intersection of said curves.

Differences between edge and vertex

  • A vertex is where two lines meet. It is any type of corner, each corner of a geometric figure represents a vertex. It will not depend on the measure of the angle. Different shapes will have a different number of vertices.
  • Edges are the lines that meet to form vertices. The outline of a shape is made up of a certain number of edges.
  • Edges and vertices are related by Euler’s formula. This formula states that the number of faces plus the number of vertices minus the number of edges will always equal two. With this formula you can determine the number of vertices, edges or faces of a figure.

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