Difference between Ecology and Environmental Education

They may seem synonymous concepts, since on many occasions we use them interchangeably. Environmental and ecological education gives us the guideline of the same idea of ​​nature protection, but there are significant differences that are worth knowing and using.

What is Ecology?

The term Ecology is the science that studies the relationships of living beings with each other and their environment, it also refers to the relationship between groups and their environment understood from its clean approach. In the same way, it speaks to us about the defense and protection of both nature and the environment.

On the one hand, Ecology is the science that studies the relationships established in living beings and between the environment, while on the other hand it guides their protection.

What is Environmental Education?

Environmental education is the set of circumstances or conditions outside a living being that influences its development and activities.

It focuses on everything that surrounds us and by giving it a broader meaning, it encompasses even our environment in general, which includes culture or social values.

Differences between Ecology and Environmental Education

  • Ecology is the science that studies the relationships between living beings and their environment.
  • Environmental education is the environment itself, in other words, it is the system that surrounds living beings. Being formed by natural and artificial elements, they can be related or modified.
  • We can say that environmental education is contained in the definition of Ecology, it means that it is broader and although both terms are extremely important.

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