Difference between Dog and Cat

Dogs and cats are undoubtedly the most popular pets in the world. On the one hand, cats are distinguished by being more independent and, in general, even cheaper and less demanding of attention. Dogs , on the other hand, are loyal and obedient animals, however they do require more attention and exercise, including regular walks.

Comparison table

taxonomic order Animalia, chordata, mammalia, carnivore, caniformia, canidae, canis, canis lupus, canis lupus familiaris Animalia, chordata, mammalia, carnivore, felidae, felis, felis silvstris, felis silvestris catus.
ability to hunt Cats retain the ability to hunt from their ancestors and wild relatives. Due to domestication, dogs have lost much of their hunting instinct. Most dogs’ teeth are too small to hunt deer, for example. This indicates successful domestication.
Life expectancy They usually live from 12 to 25 years. Depending on the breed and size, they live from 7 to 20 years.
Cleanliness When they are short-haired, grooming is less frequent. Despite this, it is necessary to brush their fur from time to time. On the contrary, if they have long fur, it is necessary to brush them more frequently. Also, when they are short-haired, brushing can happen less frequently. On the contrary, those with long fur need frequent brushing to avoid having to shave them.
Independence level Cats can be left alone during the day. Dogs can also tolerate being left alone when necessary, however they often require more attention throughout the day. This can vary depending on the breed.
Space They can live in small spaces. It entirely depends on the breed.
Affected Despite being more independent, they tend to show affection towards their owners. They are very affectionate and show affection easily.
Protection Some are protective, although they are rather territorial. The vast majority show a protective instinct towards their owner and their family.
attitude with children They can be good with children, but it depends on each cat. Generally good, however small breeds tend to be less friendly with them. It depends on the dog and his upbringing.
Approximate annual maintenance cost Without extravagant expenses or purchases, about $650 USD per year is needed to support a cat, including veterinary expenses. Without extravagant expenses or purchases, it takes about $900 USD annually to support a dog, including veterinary expenses.
Power level They are nocturnal, therefore they sleep throughout the day (up to 16 hours a day). They have more energy than cats but it depends on the breed and age of the dog.
physical characteristics They are light in weight and stylized figure. Their ears are usually pointy, their nose heart-shaped and always wet. The vast majority of them are completely covered with hair. Dogs have very different physical traits. Due to domestication many breeds were developed. Therefore, they are found in all colors, of all types of hair and of various sizes.
indoor training They can be easily trained to use a litter box. It takes two weeks to a month for them to learn well. It is better to train them as puppies.
human language Some learn to respond to their name. They respond well to high-pitched voices and pleasant tones. It has been proven that dogs can learn words without any special training. Dogs respond to human emotions that are expressed through body language.
i should have one Yes. They are excellent pets for inside a house. If you want one, you should first consider visiting an animal shelter or adoption center. You need to make sure it matches your lifestyle and personality. Yes. Much depends on the breed you want, you can make sure your needs fit into the person’s lifestyle. In the same way, before considering buying one, you should consider visiting a shelter or an adoption center.

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