Difference Between Dizziness and Drowsiness

Main difference

Although these two conditions present almost the same type of symptoms, there is some degree of difference between these two. The main difference between dizziness and drowsiness is that drowsiness is a state of sleep or tiredness. on the other hand, dizziness is a sensation when a person is about to faint.

What is dizziness?

Dizziness is a state in which a person exhibits fainting characteristics. Patients who have dizziness also offer to have vertigo or tinnitus on occasion. Tinnitus is a ringing in the ears. In vertigo, the room seems to spin. Dizziness is actually due to a problem with the organ of corti, which is present in the inner ear and controls balance. Dizziness occurs when there is a lack of blood circulation and in some cases is aggravated when a person stands up or sits down abruptly. Dizziness can also be due to chronic life-threatening problems.

What is drowsiness?

Somnolence is a state of drowsiness or extreme tiredness. Whn a person cannot keep their eyes open for a long time, they are said to be sleepy. Drowsiness occurs when the brain gets tired or worn out. So, cerebral lethargy is one of the most common cases of drowsiness. It also occurs when a person has exerted too much effort. When sleepiness occurs for too long, it may also be called a sleep disorder.

Key differences

  1. In dizziness there is a low pulse but in drowsiness the pulse is normal.
  2. In dizziness there is neither low energy nor discomfort, but when a person is drowsy, they experience both symptoms.
  3. There are mood swings in drowsiness but not in dizziness.
  4. Tingling and clumsiness occur in dizziness but not in drowsiness.
  5. In dizziness, the patient may even simultaneously experience chest pain or any other systemic disorder, none of this occurs with drowsiness.
  6. Extreme fatigue occurs in dizziness, but not in drowsiness.
  7. When a person is sleepy, he thinks slowly, even writes slowly. But in the case of dizziness, the symptoms occur very spontaneously.

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