What is the difference between Discipline and Science 

Discipline is a term that refers to knowledge, it can be used to refer to an ordered set or system of knowledge, while science is a system of structured knowledge that studies, investigates and interprets artificial, social and natural phenomena.


The term discipline has various definitions or acceptances. One of them defines it as the coordination of attitudes in order to follow a certain code of conduct. Defines the orderly and systematic way of doing things, following strict rules and regulations.

Discipline also defines a structured field of knowledge that share principles, methods and objectives, such as mathematics, sports, physics or chemistry.


It is an ordered system of structured knowledge that aims to study, interpret and investigate natural, artificial and social phenomena. Scientific knowledge is obtained through observations and experiments in defined areas, this knowledge must be organized and classified.

Science is designated as all knowledge that is acquired through study or practice, consisting of laws and principles, structured for understanding and deduced through observation and reasoning.

Difference Between Science and Discipline

  • The term science comes from the Latin “scientia”, which means knowledge.
  • Science is that knowledge obtained by observing patterns, carrying out reasoning and experimentation in specific fields.
  • The term discipline comes from the Latin “discipulus”, which means disciple and refers to learning.
  • A science is a branch of knowledge or higher study. It is the orderly and systematized way of applying in the study of an area of ​​knowledge.
  • The discipline is made up of a set of scientific and non-scientific knowledge. In addition, it spreads knowledge and can be subjective.
  • Science produces knowledge and is made up only of that which is verifiable.
  • science is objective

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