What are the different types of Angles

What is an angle? Types of angles.

An angle is a figure formed by two straight lines that start from the same point. This initial point is called the vertex and each of the two lines, sides of the angle. Depending on the space between both rays, there are different types of angles, however, there are also other criteria by which angles can be categorized, such as their measure and the sum of a pair of them. On this occasion we will limit ourselves to the angles and their classification according to their amplitude.

Comparison table

Acute angle < 90° Its amplitude is greater than 0° but less than 90°. Any angle that meets this characteristic will be acute.
Obtuse angle > 90° As for the obtuse, its amplitude will always be greater than 90° but less than 180°.
Right angle = 90° The right angle measures exactly 90°, not one degree more and not one degree less. Each of the sides of the right angle are perpendicular to each other. Perhaps the right angle is one of the easiest to identify, since it consists of two consecutive sides of a square, regardless of orientation.
flat angle = 180° Similar to the straight, right angle, the straight is very peculiar. This one measures exactly 180°. At first glance it is a straight line.

In addition, there are concave angles (they measure more than 180° but less than 360°), convex angles (more than 0° and less than 180°), oblique angles (which are not multiples of a right angle, that is, they do not measure 90 °, 180° or 360°), complete (which achieves the complete circumference, that is, it measures 360°), consecutive, adjacent, congruent, among others.

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