Difference Between Twins and Cuates

What are the Twins?

The word twins applies to individuals who are born to the same mother, in the same birth. The term comes from the Latin, meaning born at the same time. The causes of a twin pregnancy can be varied, from genetic predisposition, late pregnancies could also generate multiple pregnancies and even if you are undergoing fertilization treatments, the possibility of more than one fertilized embryo increases.

The conception of twins is different from that of a common fetus, and that is that after the fertilization of an ovum, a few days after fertilization, the cells divide into two embryos from the same zygote. It is for this reason that they are also called identical twins, because those who are conceived in this way usually have identical physical characteristics, with the exception of fingerprints, and even their DNA is largely similar.

It is important to maintain prenatal control when you have multiple pregnancies, and through ultrasound you can determine the number of bags and the number of placentas, to take precautions and ensure the health of the fetuses and the mother.

What are Cuates?

The cuates or also known as twins, are the people who were conceived after the result of the fertilization of two different ovules and two different sperm that develop individually in the same pregnancy. These types of people are also called fraternal twins, and it is that each one has a similar genetic load as it happens between brothers, but they can be of the same or different sexes.

One of the most common characteristics of people who are friends is that they tend to be physically different and that is that the composition of their DNA is different from one another, so that their resemblance between them is the same as that they could have with siblings of the same father and mother.

During pregnancy, each fetus grows inside its placenta and sac separately, so each has its own amniotic fluid. This information is extremely important for the obstetrician attending the case, since the control maintained during its development depends on it.

Difference Between Twins and Cuates

Twins friends
An egg is conceived with a sperm that divides into two embryos Two eggs are fertilized with two sperm, each one separately
They have the same sex They can have different sexes
They are physically identical Their resemblance is like that of two brothers of the same parents
They share most of their genetic makeup Your DNA is different
During pregnancy they can develop with one or two placentas, as well as one or two sacs. The development of pregnancy occurs with a sac and a placenta for each fetus
They have the same blood type They may or may not have the same blood type

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