Difference between Treaty and Agreement

It is there where terms such as agreements and treaties are used, which, although they are closely related to each other, have a very marked difference, which greatly facilitates their distinction.

What is an Agreement?

On the one hand, if we refer to the agreements, they are those that are given from person to person or with a group of individuals that establish a series of guidelines to be complied with by all those who are involved, with the aim of facilitating coexistence or obtain a benefit for all members.

Likewise, the word agreement is used in the commercial field , to establish a commitment between the parties involved, which can be verbal or written, the latter, when set down in writing, has legal implication, since it is formally speaking of a contract. For this reason, it is also common to hear it in the legal environment, since the laws favor the establishment of agreements or the elaboration of contracts, to regulate citizen behavior and that, when violated, can generate a reprimand or consequences according to the fault committed.

What is a Treaty?

Now, if the agreements are a control mechanism at a micro level, when we speak of a treaty we are expanding the panorama to a macro level, and it has to do with the agreements that are established between two or more nations to mediate relations between these, establishing limits and points of cooperation that go according to the interests of each State and what is approved by the laws and norms established by the international community. The treaty is the final result that is reflected in writing in the official document, after the discussion and debate about what can be a negotiation process or a dispute between the countries involved.

With the treaties, situations related to politics, economics, and social issues concerning the nations involved can be addressed, in favor of their inhabitants.

Difference between Treaty and Agreement

-The most noticeable difference is the magnitude to which it is applied, since the agreement is more than a group of two or more people, while the treaty is aimed at regulating relations between nations or international organizations.

-The nature of the agreements may be more informal, and there may even be verbal agreements between the parties for their healthy coexistence; on the other hand, with the treaties there must be a rigor according to international laws, going through a discussion that later leads to the formality of the document that expresses the decisions taken to resolve the conflict and that must be complied with, since it becomes a legal norm with the support of International Law.

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