Difference between Technique and Technology

Nowadays, in each area in which man works, there are instruments that have been perfected over the years and that continue to be improved to optimize their functions and offer the population greater comfort by facilitating certain tasks. For this, there are techniques and technologies, which although they can be confused by the similarity of the words, are not the same and each one contributes something different in the daily life of each individual.

What is the Technique?

When we talk about techniques we refer to the set of steps that are followed to achieve an end, complying with a series of norms or rules already established that guarantee the effectiveness of the procedure. The techniques can be used in the most diverse areas, from computing, education, medicine, art, sports activities, and even in the kitchen.

The technique is associated with individual skills and abilities, but also with practice, since the mastery of a specific technique can occur naturally in some people, but in some cases, exercise is required by the performer to perfect it.

In this sense, it can be understood that the technique can be transmitted between those who use it and transformed to improve it or give it another use; and it is that it arises as part of man’s need to modify his environment to adapt it to him, so in principle it is born from an idea that later materializes with the execution.

 What is technology?

The word technology comes from the Greek that means study of art, technique or trade; so it is seen as the science that applies the various methods to solve specific problems. Technology is closely related to science, because it is through the study, analysis and verification of hypotheses that an empirical procedure can materialize in reality and thus contribute to the area for which it is intended, which can be from electronics to art, or from medicine to education.

Technology has advanced as civilization advances, but it is with the appearance of science that it takes shape, combining empirical knowledge with scientific knowledge, also considering the social, economic and cultural structure when making a contribution from a certain area; also counting on the relevance and credibility of being backed by research that supports its application and guarantees its effectiveness.

Currently it is appreciated that technology is advancing rapidly, since it must constantly be updated according to the demands of today’s world.

Difference between Technique and Technology

  • Technology includes technique.
  • The technique specifies procedures and instruments to achieve an end, while technology refers to the combination of technical knowledge with scientific knowledge to carry out processes that allow obtaining an objective.
  • Technology explains why to do things in a certain way, while technique explains how to do things.
  • The techniques are given by empirical knowledge; On the other hand, technology considers experience but is also based on scientific knowledge.

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