Difference between Technical Drawing and Artistic Drawing

With the evolution of civilization, various areas have taken elements of drawing to develop advances in their fields, so although drawing continues to be a form of creative expression, it currently has applications that are more systematic, such as in the area of ​​architecture, which gives a vision of things on paper, to later be developed in the real world.

What is Technical Drawing?

Technical drawing is a graphic representation of objects using geometry and scale projections to show the elements in such a way that it is possible to analyze, redesign and modify. This can be made on paper with the use of compasses, rulers, squares…; however, computer science has developed programs that facilitate the construction of the drawing with optimal results.

The application that technical drawing has today covers extensive areas of mechanics and architecture, and is that it is presented in the form of sketches, diagrams, sketches, schemes, plans, among others, where it requires the use of concepts of mathematics and geometry for its detailed understanding of the parts, that when visualizing and analyzing it, its realization in physics is possible.

What is Artistic Drawing?

Artistic drawing is a form of graphic expression that expresses the thoughts and realities of those who capture it. The drawing can be seen as a form of language capable of transmitting ideas to the viewer, without the need for words, since through an image it is possible to communicate even the deepest feelings,

Artistic drawing has evolved as a discipline in which various techniques have been developed for its execution and analysis, in which different concepts can be represented and the most remote realities raised, all of them being shaped according to the creativity of the author from the subjectivity or objectivity; transferring the experiences or occurrences of the artist himself, from the three-dimensional world to the two-dimensional plane in which he expresses it.

Difference between Technical Drawing and Artistic Drawing

  • The artistic drawing captures the free creativity of the artist without ties to conventions, following the techniques but at his own discretion; while technical drawing is governed by mathematical rules and principles to express an idea.
  • The technical drawing communicates size, shape and dimensions of a physical object designed to scale; On the other hand, artistic drawing manages to communicate ideas, feelings, emotions.
  • Artistic drawing uses the resources that the author wishes to use to capture his work, but technical drawing requires adequate instruments that give precision and accuracy to the drawing.
  • Through technical drawing, the dimensions must faithfully represent reality, quite the opposite with artistic drawing, which can use the dimensions according to its vision of reality.
  • Artistic drawing gives voice to the artist’s perspective, that in technical drawing, only what can be seen or what is previously written can be expressed.

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