Difference between Science and Discipline

So, man in his eagerness to know, understand and, in a certain way, dominate the world around him, throughout history has designed different areas of knowledge to somehow fragment the natural, physical and psychological elements. , and thus achieve some control over its operation.

What is science?

When we talk about science, we refer to the branch of knowledge that uses observation, experimentation and verification to explain the how and why of things. Science is also seen as a systematic process that uses the scientific method to explain the principles, causes, composition, and functioning of the natural, physical, and psychological world.

Science has provided the opportunity to rationalize the facts in such a way that they are seen as the truth, and it is that from these studies theories have emerged that allow verifying a reality anywhere, which is why it is considered universal knowledge and exact, due to his experiments and rigorous calculations. This in the case of pure or exact sciences, such as chemistry, physics, mathematics, economics, astronomy, among others.

On the other hand, there are the natural sciences that cannot be considered exact given their quality of not being static, since nature is always in constant evolution. Likewise, they are described, ordered and compared, but they escape absolute control for their manipulation. In this type of science is biology, geology, medicine,…

Another of the sciences is the one that tries to explain human behavior, and it is that through the social sciences the processes that occur in the coexistence of a human group are systematized, how they are organized and related to each other for the construction of the society. Within this science fit politics, history, anthropology, law, geography, among others.

What is Discipline?

Discipline as a concept is handled in two ways, one that is related to the behavior of the individual in front of an authority, and that is that with discipline particular norms, restrictions and limitations are imposed for the benefit of a greater cause. On the other hand, the discipline is also seen as a branch of knowledge within a science, that is, it goes to the specific study of something concrete, which requires an adequate method, procedures and techniques to obtain the results we want to know.

Likewise, the discipline, being reduced to a particular area, includes studies of a scientific nature or those that are more subjective, such as that knowledge that cannot be verified by rigorous procedures, but that is validated due to human experience. As an example of these we have psychology, philosophy and sociology.

Difference between Science and Discipline

  • Science is broader, comprising the set of various areas of knowledge, while the discipline is more specific to knowledge.
  • Science uses the scientific method for the observation and verification of knowledge, while the discipline encompasses knowledge that may or may not have scientific validity.
  • Science is based on the accuracy and confirmation of hypotheses while maintaining objectivity; On the other hand, the discipline supports knowledge even if it is not verified, valuing the contribution that subjectivity gives.

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