Difference between psychiatrist and psychologist

Core difference

The terms psychiatrist and psychologist are often confused with the same meaning by people. There are many differences between these two fields of study. The main difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist is that a psychiatrist can prescribe and although a psychologist cannot prescribe, he can nevertheless recommend the patient to a psychologist.

What is a psychiatrist?

A psychiatrist is a doctor who specializes in psychiatry. He is basically an expert in diagnosis and treatment of mental health such as mental disorders. He is a doctor and evaluates patients to see if their symptoms are due to a physical illness, a combination of physical and mental, or strictly psychiatric. A psychiatrist may perform a physical and mental status exam, brain imaging such as a CT or CT scan, MRI, PET scan, and blood tests. The psychiatrist writes prescriptions and may also use psychotherapy, however, most psychiatrists refer the patient to a psychologist or other expert therapist for weekly or bi-monthly psychotherapy.

What is the psychologist?

A psychologist is a doctor who evaluates, diagnoses and examines the mental process of the patient. A psychologist provides mental health care, and some conduct research and provide consultative services. She works with patients in various therapeutic settings as clinical, counseling, and school psychologists. There may also be industrial, organizational, community, and academic psychologists who conduct psychological research, techniques, and theories on “real world” problems and questions in their respective fields of study. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), there are more than 56 types of patient work in various therapeutic settings, such as clinical, counseling, and school psychologists.

Key differences

  1. A psychologist works with the patient in various therapeutic contexts such as clinical, counseling and school psychologists. A psychiatrist is just a medical specialist.
  2. The psychologist deals with almost all areas of life, be it about mental health, industrial and organizational problems or academic problems. While the psychiatrist deals only with mental health issues.
  3. A psychiatrist can prescribe and, although a psychologist cannot prescribe, he can nevertheless refer the patient to a psychologist.
  4. A psychologist has specialized training in non-medical interventions, but will work closely with general practitioners or psychiatrists.
  5. To become a psychologist, you need to start your undergraduate program majoring in psychology and then you can earn a doctorate in psychology.
  6. A psychiatrist is generally concerned with the patient’s well-being and mental problems, while a psychologist emphasizes the patient’s thoughts, feelings, and mental health.

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