Difference between Nomads and Sedentary

In the same way we can also find semi-nomadic populations, who remain in a space for a certain time in which they adapt to the way of life of that region, but in the long run they decide to look for new or better opportunities in other places, without settling down in the same way. everything in a specific place.

What are the Nomads?

It is a term used to define a primitive social state in which populations frequently change places, and they are in a constant search for favorable conditions for life. The transfer to other regions is due to climatic variations and/or the depletion of food resources, and it is that these populations make the most of the benefits offered by the natural environment, since their way of life is very rudimentary. They survive by raising animals, such as horses, lambs, cows,…; Likewise, they use the crops of the land for their food, in addition to hunting and fishing.

The nomadic populations usually live in tents or huts made with the resources available in their environment, using the rudimentary tools that they can make for themselves. Although thanks to their own lifestyle, the people belonging to these groups have developed their physical faculties, extraordinarily improving their resistance and strength, it is quite true that, due to physical exhaustion and the demands of this lifestyle, it is notorious that they age faster compared to other social groups.

What are Sedentaries?

Sedentary are those peoples who decide to settle in a place, appropriating their spaces and resources, adapting them for their own benefit. The reason why the primitive populations decided to settle in a single place to make it their home is due to the discovery of agriculture, and it is that when producing food for their own consumption, it required the care of the crop and its maintenance, as well They began to domesticate animals and kept their breeding from others that provided supplies such as meat and milk. This, in turn, resulted in the construction of houses that are strong enough to withstand the climatic conditions of the place where they will be installed.

Little by little, with the passing of the years and the achievements of civilizations, sedentary populations became more prominent in the different continents, so the rise of cities was imminent.

Difference between Nomads and Sedentary

-The nomadic populations move in search of favorable climatic conditions; while sedentary peoples, when settling in a place, make their homes with materials that allow them to withstand the changes of the seasons

-The nomads are in constant search of resources for their survival, unlike the sedentary ones who move the necessary resources to them or produce them by themselves.

-The tools used by the nomads are made with the resources they find in the environment, and they make them practical, small and movable. On the other hand, sedentary people design instruments that facilitate the protection of their provisions and daily tasks, regardless of their size, since they are interested in conserving that space.

-The sedentary way of life allowed the establishment of policies and social structures that govern today’s society, something that is very difficult to define in nomadic populations, and that is that although they follow the advice of the elders, the environmental conditions are what affect the functioning of the group.

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