Difference Between Need and Want

Main difference

Need and want are two different terms with different usage and different meanings. The things that are necessary and without them your survival is in danger are your needs. The things you want to get your comfort for and based on your taste are your wishes. In some cases, your need and your want may be the same.

What is the need?

The things that are necessary and without them your survival is in danger are your needs. Needs are things you must have. Food is our basic need. We cannot live without food. Water is also a necessity of us, without water we cannot survive for long. Oxygen is also a necessity of us, without oxygen we can’t even survive for 3 minutes. The basic necessities of life are necessities. A shelter or a house to live in is a necessity.

what do you want?

The things for which you have the desire to obtain for your comfort and on the basis of your taste are your desires. Want is your desire for something that is not necessary but is good to have. You may want to have a Mercedes, it’s what you want. You like ice cream and you want to eat it. Ice cream is a food, but it is not necessary to survive. It is your desire to eat ice cream as you like its flavor.

Key differences

  1. Need is something you must have in order to survive, while want is something you want to have and you don’t need to.
  2. Want is something you may want to have, but the need is mandatory and you also want to satisfy your need.
  3. Food is a necessity, but your desire to eat pizza for lunch is your desire.
  4. The clothes are the need to cover the body, but the desire to wear the jeans is what you want.
  5. Shelter is the need, but the desire to live in a palace is a desire.
  6. Education is a necessity, but education is a well-known institute that is a wish.
  7. The car is a necessity for Mercedes it is a desire.
  8. The mobile phone is a necessity, but the “Apple Phone” is a desire.

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