Difference between Memory and Biography

Main difference

Many of us like to peek into the lives of our stars, celebrities, and national heroes, but to make them immortal for us, memoirs and biographies play a vital role. This is the matter of the fact that they are both the narrative and the story of that person’s life. The main difference in both is that Memoir is that person’s self-experience about any special event and though if any writer wrote Memoir it is that person’s entire thought about a specific topic or any important event. This is also set by that person to clarify the idea and eradicate concerns, if any, in people’s minds, while biography is a story written by any writer after getting a detailed study and collecting data about that personality. This occupies around all the events of that person’s life.

What is Memory?

It is an important note that is organized by one’s personality as a memory and is a full disclosure about any special event. As mentioned above, it is written by the person himself and is written in the first person ‘I’, although professional writers also wrote it at that person’s request to enhance curiosity and style when writing. The main goal of writing memoirs is to make other people see the specific issue from the writer’s eye. This is not 100% sure that it is based on real events, but also to make the readers feel satisfied by showing them the brighter side of that aspect.

What is biography?

It is written by a writer about that famous personality after carefully looking at his life for days, months or even years. This can even be written when that person is alive or released posthumously, but its main purpose is usually to cover up all the events of a person’s life from birth to upbringing in your studio. A biography saves everything and most of the time it did not possess the thoughts or points of view of the writers. The biographies about the famous personalities are also taken from the well-written and reliable biographies.

Key differences

  1. The memoir is mostly written by the person himself and if requested to be written by any writer, it is still written in the first person ‘I’, while the biography is always written by the writer and is always denoted in the third person he/ her.
  2. The biography deals with all the important events of life, while the memoir is an elaborate note about a specific event.
  3. The biography is about confirmed facts, although the writers wrote their memoirs to clean the dust on some material, so there could be some falsehood.
  4. Memoirs are usually revealed by the person in their lifetime, while biography can be done during that person’s lifetime or posthumously.
  5. Example: biography of Nelson Mandela and Memoir Out of Africa by Karen Blixen.

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