Difference Between Mass and Weight

What is the Mass?

The amount of matter that a body under study has is known as mass. In other words, the mass of a body is going to be the same, wherever the body is. The mass does not vary and is a physical magnitude that measures the amount of matter that a body has. In the International System of Units or (SI), mass is expressed in kilograms (kg).

The dough has some very important characteristics:

 1.- It is measured in kilograms and grams. 2.- You can know if you have force and acceleration. 3.- scalar magnitude. 4.- It is the matter that contains the body. 5.- Presents a constant value. 6.- It is measured with a scale.

An example of mass is:

A man with a mass of 80 kg on earth, if he goes to the moon will have the same 80 kg. of dough.

What is Weight?

Weight is defined as the force with which the Earth attracts bodies . However, however, different weight can be interpreted according to the discipline where it is being treated.

In physics it is known as: force exerted by a certain body, on the point where it is supported .

It is a vectorial magnitude that represents direction, sense and intensity. The weight is the measure that results from the action exerted by the gravity of the earth on a body, and that allows the value of the body to vary. In the International System of Units (SI), the unit of weight is expressed in Newton (N).

Weight highlights:

1.- The weight has vector magnitude . 2.- It goes up or down according to the gravity acting on it. 3.- It is variable. 4 .- It can be Zero, it is the case of the astronauts who, having no gravity nearby, have no weight. 5.- The weight is measured in Newtons (N). 6.- It is measured with the dynamometer.

Weight example:

The weight of a person with a mass of 75 kg will be 6 times less on the moon compared to the earth due to differences in the force of gravity. This is because on the moon the force of gravity is 1.622 m/s 2 ,  on earth it is 9.8 m/s 2 .

Difference Between Mass and Weight

Mass has a scalar magnitude. The magnitude of the weight is vectorial.

Mass is measured on a balance and is expressed in (kg). The weight is measured with the dynamometer.

The mass does not change. The weight can vary according to where the body is.

The most important difference between mass and body is that: the mass is referred to the amount of matter that an object contains, and the weight is referred to the force of gravity that acts on a certain object.

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