Difference between marketing concept and selling concept

Main difference

The main difference between the marketing concept and the sales concept is that the marketing concept focuses on the needs of the buyer, while the sales concept focuses on the needs of the seller.

Marketing concept versus sale concept

The marketing concept focuses on the needs of the buyer, while the sales concept focuses on the obligations of the suppliers. The marketing concept works to satisfy customers and their needs through the different products, while the sales concept works to convert the products into cash. In the marketing concept, the customer is watching as the king of the market, while in the selling concept there is a salesperson who rules the market. In the marketing concept, the fight is focused on consumer pleasure, while in the sales concept, the competition is primarily based on sales.

The marketing concept is an occupational alignment that is talking about achieving executive goals by providing customer satisfaction, while the selling concept is a business concept, which says that if customers and businesses remain missing, then it won’t affect any enough sales. of any product. The concept of marketing puts goods and services in the mind of a consumer. The concept of sale induces the customer’s accounts to the goods and services. The marketing concept begins with market orientation, while the selling concept begins at the factory.

The point of view of the marketing concept is from the outside in, while the point of view of the selling concept is the inside out. The business plans for marketing concepts are long-term, while the business plans for sales concepts are short-term. The concept of marketing ties the marketing together while the concept of sale is too substantial a sell and lift. The price is stable in the marketing concept, while the cost of selling ideas depends on the cost of production.

Comparative chart

Marketing concept Sale concept
The marketing concept focuses on the need of the buyer. The concept of sale focuses on the need of the seller.
Focus on
Customer needs Products
Profit through
Customer satisfaction Sales
Starting points
Target market Factory
Business training
Long-term Short term
Profit Capacity

What is the concept of marketing?

The market concept is an impression that focuses on the requirements of the buyers, and the marketing concept strives to satisfy the needs of the customers through the product. In the marketing concept, the struggle is to adapt to consumer satisfaction. The concept of marketing is a growing and changing feature of a managerial situation. This development has sparked various ideas in various periods. The marketing concept is a commercial impression that tells of the success of the company and becomes more operational than the competition.

The marketing concept is based on four components which are the target market, integrated marketing, customer needs and profitability. The concept of marketing arises from a specific market. The marketing concept holds that a business achieves its profit extension goal by ranking and operating the requirements of current and potential consumers. Different companies use various marketing concepts.

In the concept of marketing, it must be taken into account before making all the decisions of the company that the priority must be the satisfaction of the customers. Marketing concepts support both the customer and the company. This marketing concept is evolving over time and consumers are becoming more sensitive and selective about their purchasing decisions. The marketing concept advertises that companies are demanding to inspire the needs and wants of consumers. That is why the proposal of the products or services satisfies these needs better than the competition. In this regard, companies are engaging in approaches that provide insights into consumer requirements that precede product growth.

What is the concept of sale?

The concept of sale is an impression that focuses on the requirements of the seller, and the concept of sale is struggling to turn the products into cash for the business. In the sales concept, competition is primarily based on sales. The standard concept of sale is to exchange what the corporation is producing anyway, such as substantial, charming and attractive, and many more. The concept of sale motivates the production of profits by exploiting sales. The concept of sale is adopting that if the creations and the buyers remain lonely and the consumers cannot sufficiently accept the products that the company is developing.

The concept of selling is all about considering the charming customer on the way to goods and services. The factory is the introductory view of the sale concept. The concept of sale establishes a more meaningful link with the current product. The sales concept display platform is an inside-out look. The concept of sale depends on the transfer of the occupation of creation from one individual to another. The concept of sale is a short-term business development that is taking good conditions and market share, but only for a short period.

In the sales concept, expanding sales is the ultimate goal. In the concept of sale, the value of creation is the basis for determining the price of the product or service. In the concept of sales, profits arise from the dimensions of sales because more sales mean more profit. The concept of sale is being applied aggressively, in the case of goods that are not pursued.

Key differences

  1. The marketing concept focuses on the buyer’s need, while the selling concept focuses on the seller’s obligation.
  2. The marketing concept focuses on the needs of customers; on the other hand, the sales concept focuses on productions.
  3. The opening point of the marketing concept is to target the market; conversely, the initial point of sale concept is the factory.
  4. The commercial plantations of marketing concepts are long-term; on the other hand, commercial plantations of sales concepts are short-term.
  5. The perception of the marketing concept is from the outside in, while the perception of the sales concept is from the inside out.
  6. In marketing concept, the benefit arises from the retention of the customer; On the other hand, in the concept of sale, the profit arises from the dimensions of the sale.

Final Thought

It is correct to say that the concept of marketing is a comparatively broader term than the concept of sale because the concept of marketing includes a considerable number of activities in it, and the concept of sale itself is a part of the concept of marketing.

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