Difference between Fijianism and Creationism

What is Fijiism?

It is a philosophical current that expresses the idea that all created species are immutable, therefore since the creation of the world they have not presented any variation. Fixism holds that living beings maintain their physiological and anatomical characteristics permanently, without changing over generations. This current contrasts with creationism when considering that, if everything created is the work of a supreme being and they are made to perfection, the fact that a change occurs in their structures would be because in the beginning they were not perfect, therefore it is contradictory.

This current is contrary to evolutionism, and today has little scientific validity and is that with the discoveries made by sciences such as paleontology, they have been evidenced through fossil remains as various species have varied over the years to adapt to the demands of your environment. The explanation given by the followers of fixism regarding the appearance of fossils is that they belong to animal and plant remains that existed prior to the universal flood, which is mentioned in the Bible.

What is Creationism?

Creationism refers to the theological doctrine that maintains that the origin of the universe and of life as we know it today is due to the will of a superior being. The creation of everything according to this current is based on what the Bible expresses in its first book entitled Genesis, which etymologically means “beginning” or “origin”, which is taken literally by those who defend this theory, attributing the beginning of life to a single deity.

Creationists maintain that there are three fundamental tests that validate the existence of a Creator: first, the perfection in the distribution of the Universe and its functioning; second, the complexity of the structure of each living being and third, the specificity of the genetic material that makes up the elements of nature; for this reason they consider that such perfection is only possible to be achieved by a divine intelligence.

Creationism is fundamental in monotheistic religions such as Christianity and Judaism, in which God is considered the Creator Father of all things.

Differences between Fijianism and Creationism

  • Creationism is a religious position that has a higher being as the creator of all things; while fixism, although it also maintains that everything originated from the intervention of a divinity, is mostly seen as a philosophical current.
  • Fixism maintains that the transformation of species over time is not possible, instead creationism refers to the moment in which the universe originated, but not to the variations that species may have.
  • Until the 19th century, fixism was considered a science and it was only through the consolidation of theories such as evolution that its scientific foundation was subtracted, so today its study is a minority; On the other hand, creationism has maintained its validity as a religious current over the years.

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