Difference Between Essay and Report

Main difference

The main difference between essay and report is that the essay includes the answer to a question and its explanation, while the report contains the solution of a problem.

essay vs. Report

The essay starts with a specific question and contains all the details about it, while the report contains a solution to a specific problem. The essay is a long description that addresses a question, but the report includes a sequence that shows solutions to a problem. The essay is written to show facts and figures, while the report provides general information on some issues.

An essay is an individual view on some topic, but the report is an unbiased piece of information that addresses a topic. The essay is written in paragraphs, while the report is followed by a specific writing method. The essay is mainly written by students while the report is written by students, professionals and businessmen.

The essay contains descriptions, evaluation and analysis on a specific topic; On the other hand, a report is a systematically written document that contains definitions, history, topic, recommendations or suggestions, and conclusion. The essay contains arguments, while the report deals with a practical question.

Comparison chart

Rehearsal Report
An essay is an answer to a question and contains general details related to that answer. The report is the document that contains an explanation of a problem and recommendations to solve it.
Descriptive and analytical data systematic document
Introduction, body and conclusion Introduction, problem, recommendation
long paragraphs short paragraphs
Mostly no headers Proper headers
To answer a question Recommend a solution
by students For students, professionals

What is an essay?

The essay is a long description, which is the answer to a specific question. The essay contains a long detail about the answer. The essay is written in long paragraphs. Essays are written without headings. The essay is written mainly on student life. The essay contains facts and figures on some important topics.

The essay contains descriptions, evaluations and analytical data. Also, an essay is one person‘s individual view, and everyone can give a different answer to the same question. The essay contains arguments to support the individual view presented in the essay. The essay includes the introduction of the topic, the body of the topic, and the conclusion of the topic. The essay contains academic topics.


  • Answer a question.
  • Long paragraphs.
  • No headers.
  • Includes facts and figures.
  • It is mainly used for academic purposes.
  • A person can write arguments in the essay.

What is Report?

The report is a document that contains recommendations and solutions to a problem. A specific method is followed in a report. The report consists of an introduction, problems and suggestions, and a conclusion. The reports are used by students, professionals and businessmen to make presentations.

The reports contain specific titles and the report paragraphs are not too long. The main goal is to recommend a solution to a problem. Reports include bullet points and graphs to explain problems. Reports are used to share informative data with others. The report contains titles and subtitles.


  • Provides a solution to a problem.
  • bullet points.
  • Includes graphs and tables.
  • The reports are informative.
  • Include titles and subtitles.

Key differences

  1. The essay answers a question, while the report provides a solution to a problem.
  2. The essay is used to provide written information; on the other hand, the report is used to make presentations.
  3. The essay contains long paragraphs; on the other hand, the reports do not contain long paragraphs.
  4. The essay does not contain titles, but the report does contain titles and subtitles.
  5. The main purpose of the essay is to answer the question; conversely, the main purpose of the report is to recommend a solution.
  6. The essay contains descriptive and analytical data, while a report is a systematic document.
  7. The essay contains arguments, but the report presents solutions and recommendations.
  8. The essay includes an individual point of view, while the report offers unbiased general information.
  9. The essay is used by students at an academic level, while a report is used by both students and professionals.
  10. The essay does not contain vignettes, while the report contains vignettes.

Final Thought

He concludes that essays and reports are two different things and their purpose is different. The main purpose of the essay is to answer a specific question and the main purpose of the report is to provide a solution.

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