Difference Between Comics and Cartoons

What is Comic?

The History of Comics

The comics relate its origin to the first hieroglyphics and carvings, made in stone in the pre-Columbian era. Likewise, its origin is related when the printing press and cartoons appear. The comic is defined as: a narrative with images and dialogues, which present the story of one or several characters, in sequence using still images. The narration will present a before and after to the vignette. To do this, use some symbols or codes such as vignettes, balloon movements, vignettes, and onomatopoeic expressions. Its objective is to entertain and provide an education to the public that sees it, which will ultimately be instructive.

The comic is used as a means of political protest and satire, since the time of the Empire in Rome, in these times they ridiculed those who had power, being illegal and anonymous.

For the nineteenth century, the written press promoted the comic, and continued to present parodies in comic strips (dealing with current issues, with ridicule, satire, humor).

The magazine was the source to present superhero stories, which are still published today, many of these stories have been made into movies and animated films, as well as video games.

Comic Types

There is no specific classification, they are known:

  • Comics: Printed on different types of paper, in color or black and white
  •  comic strips . They can be inserted in the newspapers or with the magazines, they are a strip of three or even more vignettes, where a short narration is represented, very similar to a joke
  • Graphic Novels . A category where the educated and formal artistic proposals are, some graphic novels have no text, in others they do.

The comic is focused on presenting fantastic drawings, of heroes such as the Avengers, Panchita, among others.

What is a Cartoon?

It is called cartoon, those stories, which are narrated through images that sometimes have no story. The images or drawings show a very artistic aspect, and they go in sequence. But for that, you need many frames, which allow you to narrate the story, which in turn is chronological. The stories are very long, also their dialogues .

The comics have an advantage, that they have been made into movies in some cases, and are currently published on the web page. The meaning of the cartoon is not only related to comedy, because among them we find horror, love and others.

Comics can provide school –   type information: as an alternative and concrete strategy or dynamic in teaching and learning processes, becoming part of the innovations in the educational and didactic field.

In this century, multimedia and the Web have been of great importance and the cartoon   or graphic narration has been immersed in this type of media, highlighting the sound and movement when telling the story.

The cartoon as a story based on drawings are not series that have to come out frequently.

Characteristics of the comics:

  • It combines texts with onomatopoeia, balloons among others, its purpose is to convey a story or idea.
  • His narration is with bullets or closed rectangles that go in order from left to right
  • The main character or protagonist is the one who develops the story and around him are the other characters.
  • The image is the representation of what has been written in the text.
  • Signs are used to represent the thoughts of characters.
  • It is massively distributed.
  • It can be done in digital or paper format.

What elements make up the cartoon?

  • Verbal language and iconic language, made up of pictures and words.
  • Space: It is an imaginary place where the characters of the story are obtained.
  • Time: In which the events that are reported happen or the time in which the story can be read.
  • Page: it is the presentation in an orderly way of the story, they can be few or many.
  • Vignette: It is the space highlighted in black, where part of the story is presented, and which allow it to be read from left to right. Depending on the size and placement, it allows a quick reading.
  • Drawing: It is the paper representation of the story with figures.
  • Speech bubble: It is the space that is used to place the writings or texts of the drawings, it is formed by the balloon (what the character says) and the corner (what a character thinks). The shape of the balloon, allows to identify the meaning of the text, the balloons can express: thoughts, fear, cold, rage, scream, secrets. Aggressiveness, disputes.
  • Text: It is the way the story is represented on the page.
  • Onomatopoeia : they are the writings within the text, which resemble a sound like a clock, shot, blow (tick tock, pum).

How to make a cartoon?

Steps to make comics are three:

  • Conceptualization . It is taking the kind of story you want to tell or narrate.
  • Creation It begins with the organization of vignettes according to the style to be used.
  • Review . It is to add or remove icons, buttons, signs and balloons.

Among the examples of comics: are Condorito and Spiderman.

Difference Between Comics and Cartoons

Comic cartoon
Definition Narration with images and dialogues, presents the story of one or several characters, in sequence uses still images. Narrated stories where action predominates, made up of vignettes or pictures, told in a sequence of images and with specific signs
Characteristics The drawing is a caricature and humor

The narration is humorous and comical.

Images that give explanations alone


The political and social reality is seen differently

It is reinforcement of existing values ​​and myths, cultural intention.

Its systems are image and language

Allows mass communication.

drawing is an art


His themes of love, terror, suspense between


You need several boxes, for your narration.


Different names worldwide


result of a culture


It is an educational alternative


Utility Identifies a social and linguistic reality of educational interest Used to show realities or facts in a sarcastic/critical way

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