Difference between Adidas and Nike

Main difference

The main difference between Adidas and Nike is that the Adidas logo is a three-striped, while the Nike logo is a swoosh.

Adidas vs. Nike

Adidas is one of the world’s most famous sportswear and accessories manufacturing companies founded in 1948. Nike is another world-renowned manufacturer of sports equipment and accessories founded in 1964. Adidas is a company based in Germany, while Nike is based in the United States. States is based in Beaverton, Oregon. There is a three stripe Adidas logo marked on all of their products. It also has a trademark line, “Impossible is Nothing.” Nike’s specific logo is a swoosh. Their mottos: “Do it.”

Adidas products are ranked second. Nike products rank first globally. Adidas shoes aim to create more comfortable designs rather than cool designs. Nike shoes attach great importance to design with a variety of colors and styles. The main buyers of Adidas in the market are tennis and soccer players. The most common buyers of Nike in the market are basketball and running players.

Adidas uses boost technology for the sole of its shoes, where the pallets are compressed and molded. This technology makes the shoe ultra comfortable. Nike mainly uses rubber for the soles of the shoes and soles with various patterns. Provides the user with more traction. The Adidas brand is less expensive than the Nike brand. However, there are also exceptions due to some Adidas shoes such as the ‘Adidas Yeezy shoes’, which cost much more than a specific Nike product; On the other hand, Nike has slightly higher prices than Adidas.

Comparative chart

Adidas Nike
A famous sportswear and other accessories manufacturing company founded in 1948 Renowned manufacturer of sports equipment and accessories founded in 1964.
Three stripes A swoosh
Tag line
“Nothing is impossible” “Just do it.”
Primary Market Buyers
Tennis, footballers Basketball players, runners
Second first

What is Adidas?

Adidas is known as the second leading sportswear manufacturer in the world. It is the first leading manufacturer in Europe and also based in Europe. Adidas is a company based in Germany and its headquarters are also located in Herzogenaurach, Germany. Adidas also makes T-shirts, bags, glasses, and many other products. Some other Adidas Group products are ‘Rockport, Reebok, Taylor Made’. The product from which the Adidas company generates the largest share of its overall revenue is its footwear.

Adolf Dassler founded it in 1984 under the name ‘Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory’. The organization began at his mother’s house; He was joined by his older brother Rudolf in 1924. The famous Adidas logo is “3 Stripes,” which are three parallel bars. It also has a renowned brand slogan, “Impossible is nothing.” The main buyers of the Adidas product market are tennis and soccer players. The Adidas company has almost 800 factories in 55 countries. These factories supply many products of different types.

What is Nike?

Nike is the most famous multinational company in the world. It is the first leading company in the manufacture of sportswear, sporting goods and similar accessories. Nike traces the origin of its name to the Greek goddess of victory, ‘Nikn’. Nike products are developed and marketed in the US, but their production is also seen in Asian countries such as Taiwan, Korea, China, and Indonesia. Some brands under the Nike name are Umbro, Converse and Cole Haan are among the brands under their name.

Bill Bowerman and Philip Knight founded the Nike company in 1964. Previously, it was called ‘Blue Ribbon Sports’ which was changed to the name’ Nike ‘in 1978. Nike’s famous logo is a swoosh and its motto is’ Just do it. »Nike’s main market purchase directs basketball and running backs. Many basketball stars and athletes also work as sponsors for Nike. Nike’s market expands mainly around the world.

Key differences

  1. The Adidas brand was founded in 1948; on the contrary, the Nike brand founded in 1964.
  2. Adidas is a company based in Germany; On the other hand, Nike is based in the United States.
  3. Adidas products are in the second position worldwide; on the contrary, Nike products rank first.
  4. Adidas is based in Germany; rather, Nike is based in Beaverton, Oregon.
  5. The Adidas logo is made of three stripes; on the other hand, the Nike logo is a swoosh.
  6. Adidas’ catchphrase is “Impossible is nothing”, while the catchphrase is “Just do it.”
  7. The main buyers of Adidas in the market are tennis and soccer players, while the frequent buyers of Nike are basketball and track and field players.
  8. Adidas uses Boost technology for the sole of their shoes. In contrast, Nike primarily uses rubber for the soles of its shoes.
  9. The Adidas brand is less expensive; on the contrary, Nike has slightly higher prices than Adidas.

Final Thought

Adidas and Nike are the world’s two best-known brands for sportswear, sports equipment, and various other accessories. Both brands compete, so the contrast between the two is given in this article, providing their detailed information.

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