Difference between AddFreeStats and StatCounter

Main difference

Both AddFreeStats and StatCounter are online visitor status tools, used to grow and improve the online business by monitoring the number of visits to the website: the geographic location of the visitors; duration of visit; subsequent visits; entry pages and many more. Both tools provide the same service with different styles and approaches. Scroll down to see the individual introduction of both tools and then the differences between the two.

What is AddFreeStats?

AddFreeStats is a powerful and free, easy-to-use, real-time reporting tool that offers the best website analysis tool using the latest technologies. Through this tool, you can get all the real-time information about your website traffic and you can analyze the behavior of visitors and understand how to improve the content of your website. The dashboard is very simple and easy to use and provides your website statistics on a single page. In addition, you can also monitor the current activity on your website, how many visitors are currently on your website and what they are doing at the moment. In addition to the features mentioned above, your plugin available for WordPress sites.

What is StatCounter?

StatCounter is another free and commercial online website analytics tool that offers its members the opportunity to grow and improve their online business by allowing them to monitor the number of visits to their website such as geographic location, record size , expand user, drill down, recent visitor activity, ISP statistics, Google map of recent visitors, cookie blocking, visitor paths, visit duration, entry pages and many more. This tool offers one level of reports: a simple summary of all the reports on the website and a very detailed analysis is limited to a smaller number of your last page loads. It also allows all users to install an invisible counter on their site without disrupting their site design.

Key differences
  1. AddFreeStats provides a free plan for all users, while StatCounter offers a free and paid plan for users.
  2. StatCounter has better coverage in many website categories such as people, society, arts, entertainment, business, industry and 240 other categories, while AddFreeStats is lagging behind in all these segments.
  3. StatCounter is available for more than 210 countries around the world, while AddFreeStats has limited geographic coverage.
  4. AddFreeStats services are available in two international languages, while StatCounter services are available in 25 international languages.
  5. AddFreeStats has analyzed over 950,000 websites so far, while StatCounter has analyzed 3,034,987 so far.

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