What is the difference between declaiming and reciting? 

Although many people use declaim and recite as similar, they do not mean the same thing, both recite phrases but with a different purpose. Here are their main differences.

What is Declaim?

Declaim comes from the Latin declamare, declamavi, declamatum, derived from the verbs declaim, declaim. It is formed by the prefix that indicates a separation from top to bottom and the clear verb, means to clarify, proclaim or cry.

A term defined etymologically as “explaining something clearly”, saying aloud and harmoniously with the appropriate intonation and gestures, a literary text in order to accentuate a poetic content.

As a declamation, a scenic art is known that is performed before an audience that observes and participates with different witnesses what it represents. Its purpose is to captivate the viewer when expressing the feelings found in the text.

It is done with the help of marked mimicry and notorious movements within the scene, as well as the use of visual elements for a better interpretation.

What is Recite?

Being used to designate what was said out loud and in verses, it is also used for what we say out loud.

Poems, lessons, books, book fragments can be recited. So to recite you need to improve your oratory.

Reciting can be done standing or sitting, all depending on the context. Nuances of the voice are also used and thus express the appropriate emotions.

Differences between Declaim and Recite

  • Declaiming is not the same as reciting, to recite gestures or mimicry are not required, since whoever recites should only focus on being able to perfectly develop the art of voice modulation.
  • Reciting is similar to declaiming or reading a literary work, performing it from memory and with a lectern.
  • To recite, very exaggerated gestures are not generated expressing emotions, but instead use changes within the nuances of voice.

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