Difference Culture and Civilization

Culture is a complex that contains knowledge, art, law, beliefs, morals, customs and habits and skills acquired by man living in a family and being part of a society. A civilization is a complex society known for its form of organization, its social structure, its institutions, its technology and the way it exploits the available resources.


The term culture has two main distinct concepts:

  1. Taste for fine arts and humanities.
  2. The set of knowledge, behavior patterns and beliefs of a social group. It owns the means its members use to communicate.

Culture is considered by the social sciences as a set of behaviors, ideas, symbols and social practices that are learned from generation to generation through life in society.

The term culture has different meanings depending on the context in which it is used. For example:

  • Physical culture: It is the set of personal care routine.
  • Political culture: This is the set of acts of power and authority that is part of the structure of political life.


It is used to define a complex society that has a form of organization, a social structure, technology and institutions.


Civilizations are distinguished from a tribal society by the predominance of an urban way of life, which means that it has cities that assign more open social relations and sedentary lifestyle, which include the development of technology, institutions, organizations and economic system. Civilizations are historical, they keep a record of their legislation and their religion, as well as the perpetuation of the memory of their past.

Difference Between Culture and Civilization

  • A civilization is a complex set of elements that make up societies. It contains the forms of government, institutions and culture of a society. A civilization is a society or a set of societies that are seen as a whole.
  • Culture contains all the knowledge, beliefs, arts, philosophy and behaviors of a society.

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