Difference between Crow and Raven

Main difference

Crow and Raven are famous birds that are often considered similar or even considered one. Although the raven and raven belong to the same family and to the genus Corvus, they have a great difference in terms of their habitat, physical features, and other characteristics. Crows are larger in size compared to crows and are mostly found in less populated areas, including snow-capped mountains and cold areas. Crows, on the other hand, are smaller in shape and size and are generally found in human-populated areas. They are both known for their remarkable intelligence.

Comparative chart

Raven Raven
About The raven is a famous bird that belongs to the Corvus gene. Is smaller. Raven is another famous bird that also belongs to the same Corvus family and is larger in size.
Found in Urban areas. Cold rural and less populated areas.
Pens Small, fine, dull, with slight marks. Large, thick, shiny and shiny wet appearance.
Wings color They do not shine in the sun. Green color along with purple reflections. The raven’s wings gleam in the sunlight. They have a blue and violet tint.
Peak The crow’s beak is smaller and flatter. There is no strand of hair on top. Crows are more likely to be identified by a bunch of hairs on the top of their beaks. Its beak is larger and more powerful by nature.
Wing extension and shape Crows have blunt, rounded wings that are typically 32 to 40 inches wide. Crows possess a wider wing span than ravens, which are generally 46 to 54 inches in size. Cuervo possesses pointed winds.
Life expectancy On average eight years Crows live longer than crows and their average age is 30 years.
Body size Crows are normally smaller in size compared to crows. They are approximately 17 inches long, which is the equivalent of an adult pigeon. Crows are larger in size compared to crows. They are 25 to 28 inches long. They are almost the size of a famous red-tailed hawk.
Weight A normal healthy adult crow weighs about 20 oz. A normal healthy adult crow weighs about 40 oz.
Tail shape Crows have a small fan-shaped tail that helps them land and fly as well. Crows have a broader and larger tail than crows. It depends on your total body size.
Sound produced They made the loud Caw-Caw sound. They have a high-pitched voice. The raven possesses a piercing, high-pitched sound that is low-pitched. They usually produce a Gronk Gronk sound.
Adaptive skills Crows prefer to live in populated areas even in areas populated by humans. They are bold, courageous, and social with respect to nature in general. Crows, on the other hand, prefer more to live near rural areas near cattle and sheep; They are solitary and vigilant in nature.
Give Crows feed on waste, human garbage, other small birds, worms, insects, fruits, seeds, mice, eggs, meat, etc. Crows feed on small invertebrate insects, amphibians, mammals, sheep dermis, etc.
What is Crow?

The raven is one of the most famous birds in the world found in almost every part of the world. The crows belong to the Corvusgenus, and possess a variety of different species in each part of the world depending on the specific region. All types of crows differ somewhat in habitat and nature, but physically they are all the same and similar. The raven is usually dark black or black in color. It has thin, small feathers and a small fan-shaped tail that also helps the crow to land and fly. Crows are quite social in nature unlike crows, and are easily found even in human-populated areas. Crows are known for their remarkable intelligence and extreme sense of judgment and adaptation. Crows have a small beak that is hairless. Crows feed on human garbage, other small birds, fruits, insects, worms, etc.

What is Raven?

The raven is another famous bird that belongs to the same genus Corvus as the raven. Due to its similar color and shape, it is often thought of as a large crow. Crows differ from raven in their habitat, nature, and physical appearance. Crows have brighter, wetter looking fins and feathers, which glow even more in the sunlight, giving blue and purple tints. Crows are not social like crows and prefer to live in rural and less populated areas. They are mainly found near the cattle and sheep population. They also prefer to live in cold mountain areas. Crows are larger in shape and size compared to crows. They are almost the same size as a red-tailed hawk. Raven has a powerful beak and is larger than ravens.

Raven against raven
  • The crows are smaller in size and weigh approx 20 Oz.
  • Crows are larger in size and weigh approximately 40 oz.
  • Crows live in urban areas.
  • Raven is found in rural and less populated areas.
  • Crows feed on human garbage, fruits, small birds, insects, worms,
  • The crow feeds on sheep meat, other smaller birds, amphibians, reptiles, mammals,
  • Raven has a group of hairs on the top of its large and powerful beak.
  • Crows have a small, hairless beak.

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