Difference Between CrossFit and Fitness

CrossFit and Fitness are currently two very popular types of training worldwide and have become very noticeable in many gyms. Every day the number of people who do this type of training in order to improve their condition or develop aptitudes and physical skills is growing. The purpose of this article is to point out the main differences between CrossFit and Fitness so that the reader knows the objectives and benefits that the practice of each of them brings.


CrossFit is defined as a methodical training that requires specific licenses to be able to use the name legally and to be able to teach classes officially. This discipline is oriented to physical conditioning and the development of the main physical abilities such as: cardiovascular resistance, energy resistance, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and precision.

High-performance athletes -for example-, such as soccer players, need sports training methods aimed at developing speed and precision, so they require the use of CrossFit techniques to strengthen and improve these abilities.


Fitness is the physical and muscular activity carried out repeatedly, aimed at greater health and the improvement of the physical condition of people. The main objective of Fitness is to carry out exercises aimed at the acquisition of physical skills such as: flexibility, strength and muscular resistance, agility, speed, balance and cardiovascular resistance. In addition to this, Fitness is also used for the development of muscle mass.

All Fitness activities are aimed at improving health, which is why, in this discipline, special attention is paid to proper nutrition in order to contribute to increasing life expectancy and reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. improving circulation and endocrinological diseases such as diabetes.

As has been shown, both CrossFit and Fitness provide innumerable benefits to the physical condition of the people who practice them, however, there are notable differences between the two disciplines, which we point out below:

CrossFit Fitness
The starting point or level of initial fitness to practice CrossFit is high, so this discipline is frequently used to enhance skills already acquired. The initial fitness level to practice Fitness is minimal, so it is used to acquire skills and/or physical abilities.
CrossFit seeks physical conditioning so that the person acquires more strength, agility, speed, resistance, etc. Fitness mainly seeks to improve physical condition, the acquisition of muscle mass and basic physical skills.
CrossFit is defined as a training system based on functional exercises performed at high intensity. Fitness is a generally lower intensity training method.
CrossFit works on all physical abilities, which is why it is used to significantly improve other sports. Fitness is used to improve the health status of the person.
It is less flexible, since it requires initial physical skills to enhance them during its practice. Anyone can do Fitness by adapting the exercises to their physical capacity.

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