Difference between Crocodile and Lizard

Similar to what happens between alligators and crocodiles, it is relatively common for lizards to be confused with crocodiles. However, they are different animals. In fact, the lizard suborder includes more than a few different species of animals, none of which are crocodiles or alligators.

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What is it? It is a family of semi-aquatic reptiles. These reptiles have inhabited the planet for 55 million years. Being flexible, caimans and other members of the same order ( crocodilia ) can be included even though they belong to different families. On the other hand, lacertila corresponds to a suborder of reptiles. In fact, several of the most famous reptiles belong to this subgenus. Even several species of dinosaurs, such as the mosasaur, belong to this suborder.
Characteristics They can live between 50 and 80 years. They are carnivorous: they feed on fish, mammals, other reptiles and, if necessary, invertebrates such as crabs and others. In terms of reproduction, crocodiles, like most reptiles, are oviparous. The female digs a nest, takes care of her eggs, and then takes it upon herself to protect her young until they can fend for themselves. They are considered one of the deadliest predators in the world. They are all reptiles, so they share many of their characteristics: cold-blooded, oviparous (lay eggs), scales, four legs, etc. They can measure from just a few centimeters to approximately 3 meters, like the Komodo dragon. Most are insectivores, although some are omnivores and again, others like the Komodo dragon, are carnivores. Only some of them are poisonous.
What animals are included in this classification? Within this family there are 14 species of crocodiles, including the American crocodile, the Orinoco crocodile, the Australian freshwater crocodile and the marine or saltwater crocodile. • Iguanas
• Monitor lizards
• Chameleons
• Lizards
• Geckos
• Komodo Dragon, among many others.
Habitat and distribution They can be found in the warmer regions of Africa, Asia, Australia and America. Some species tolerate salt water well, while others prefer fresh water exclusively. As for lizards, these are distributed throughout the world. They can be found in cold areas, however, the vast majority prefer to live in warm areas.

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