Difference between Crack and Fissure

Many people think that a crack and a fissure are the same thing. This assumption is not completely unreasonable. For people who have not specialized in architecture or who do not have basic notions of construction, there is no way to distinguish a fissure from a crack with the naked eye. Because of this, many people choose to use them as synonyms. However, once the simple, although significant differences are known, it should not be difficult to differentiate one from the other.

Comparison chart

Difference Between Crack and Fissure Difference between fissure and wall
Definition A crack is an uncontrolled opening of a surface element. A crack affects the total thickness of the element (wall, slab, etc.), not just its surface. On the other hand, a crack is an uncontrolled opening that does not affect the total thickness of a structure. These only  affect the outside of the structure or the surface finish.
Size Big and deep. Small and shallow.

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