Difference between Course and Workshop

They are concepts used in the field of education to specify various activities. A course is a long-term program that allows us to obtain new knowledge; The other school grades are also defined as course. A workshop is a place to learn manual arts or a short-term course in practical particulars.


It is a learning program that allows people to grow professionally in a specific area. It can become a diploma, which is a fixed course by a university or institution of higher education; it does not pursue the achievement of a title or an academic degree but certifications in different areas.

It is also known as a course to the different grades in which education is divided in schools. A course may be offered by qualified organizations or companies with the goal of training staff or preparing their employees in an area of ​​job interest for a higher degree.


It is a learning system in which the participants participate offering their knowledge about the subject, enhancing the teaching. It can also be an institution known as a house of trades or a workshop school, theoretical-practical teaching centers in which its job is to offer training for employment in different occupations and jobs.

It is a place of manufacture and repair of machinery or also a place dedicated to craft or manual work.

Differences between course and workshop

  • A course is a learning program aimed at teaching specific topics and skills. They provide certificates that are used for job promotions or to acquire a job.
  • A workshop is a type of learning program where knowledge is simultaneous among its participants, creating and developing skills and attitudes.

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