What is the difference between Cosmetic and Makeup?

Cosmetics are the combinations or substances that are made in order to be applied to the superficial parts of the body in order to clean them, perfume them, improve their appearance, preserve their health and correct odors. Makeup is the practice of decorating the skin and other parts of the body to highlight them.


These are the products used for body hygiene and to improve appearance. Some are mixtures of chemical compounds, some are natural, and some are synthetic. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cosmetics are all those substances intended to be applied to the body to cleanse, beautify and alter the appearance without affecting the body’s functions.

Cosmetics have any substance intended to come into contact with the surface of the body, teeth and oral mucosa in order to clean, perfume, improve appearance, protect, preserve health and prevent body odors.

This contains makeup, soap, deodorant, toothpastes, among others. Archeology has found evidence of the use of cosmetics in Ancient Egypt in 4000 BC


It is the art of decorating the skin and other visible areas of the body in order to highlight them. It is the product used to decorate or correct facial and body features of a person. It is used in the arts to correct distortions that can be caused by lighting or to give an actor or actress new features. The term also designates the cosmetics dedicated to this practice.

Difference between cosmetic and makeup

  • Cosmetics is the product that is applied to the outside of the body to improve its appearance, adorn it, improve its health and correct possible unpleasant odors.
  • Makeup is part of cosmetics and are the products used to correct and decorate the facial and body features of a person.
  • Makeup is also the art of decorating the skin to highlight natural attributes.


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