Difference Between Continent and Country

Main difference

The main difference between mainland and country is that mainland is home to different countries while country is part of a continent or home to many cities, towns, and villages.

Continent vs Country

Part of a continent is the country, while part of the whole world is a continent. Cities, towns, and villages are contained in a county, while multiple countries are included in a continent. A continent is determined by geography, while the country is determined by borders, and sometimes they are disputed.

On a continent, people have nothing in common except their boundaries and locations. The country; on the other hand, it is separated politically, culturally and geographically, but the separation of geographical limits is continent. In a country, people have many familiar things like language, culture, and history.

Comparison chart

Continent Country
The vast landmass on earth is called the Continent. A particular part of a continent on earth is called a Country.
The big piece of land The smallest part of the earth
home to many countries Home to many cities, towns and villages
has no government has its government
Oceans, rivers, seas and mountains Other countries
Divided into countries divided into states
seven continents More than 190 countries
It has no system of rules Own rules and regulations
does not depend on anyone Depends on other countries
Not having a shared economy, policies, goals, etc. Share some currencies, economy, objectives, policies, etc.

What is a continent?

Part of the land that is home to numerous countries is known as the Continent. One continent does not depend on others. A large land mass that is separated from the rest of the continents by oceans is the continent.

The word continent derives from the Latin word “terra continens”, which means connected area. The continents are surprising for their geographical location, but they include regions that are known as countries and are uneven in size.

Geologists believe that all the continents merged during the Mesozoic Era, then became a supercontinent known as Pangea. This Pangea was three times larger than the largest continent, that is, Asia. Two hundred million years ago, this breakup of the supercontinent and this breakup process gave rise to the seven continents.

In these seven continents, some are connected and some are not. It contains numerous countries. Due to their smaller size, Antarctica and Australia are both continents and countries. People from the same continents can have similarities. Five continents of earth begin and end with the same alphabet, but two are not.

seven continents of the world

  • Asia: Asia is the largest continent in the world due to its size and population.
  • Africa – The second largest continent is Africa.
  • Australia: On Earth, Australia is the smallest continent.
  • Antarctica: Antarctica is the coldest, driest, highest, wildest and emptiest continent in the world.
  • Europe: Europe contains the highest mountain.
  • North America: is a continent that has all types of climate.
  • South America: This continent contains the largest river in the world according to the volume of water and the second longest.

What is a country?

Part of a continent on this earth is known as a Country. An international status as a land populated by a specific group of people in a country. The smallest piece of land has its own rules, a set of laws and limitations for the people.

The word country derives from the Latin word “contra”, which means lies in front of sight. Throughout the world, there are more than a hundred large and small countries on seven continents. To support other countries and for trade, a country depends on other countries.

It was divided geographically, culturally and politically. It is a part of the continent that determines the national borders from one country to another. A country has its government, laws, administration, constitution, police, army and taxes. The population of one country is called a compatriot of another.

There are many around 190 countries around the world, for example Pakistan, India, China, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia and many more.

Key differences

  1. There are seven continents in the world, while more than one hundred countries in all continents.
  2. Continents are geographically determined, while borders determine countries.
  3. A continent does not have its government, but the country does.
  4. The home of many countries is the continent; On the other hand, the country is home to many cities and towns.
  5. Oceans, mountains and seas are borders of a continent, while other countries are borders of a country.
  6. The great expanse of land is the continent; on the other hand, a minor piece is the country.
  7. A continent is independent, but the country depends on other countries for trade.
  8. Continents did not share their currencies, goals and policies, while countries can.

Final Thought

A continent is a part of the earth or the world, while a country is part of a continent.

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