Difference between Content and Continent

For insurance companies, the content is the set of movable and material goods that are incorporated into the home, while the continent is the construction and structural elements that make up the home.


It is the set of personal property and those non-construction materials that are incorporated into the home (shelves, cabinets, among others). Includes furniture, objects for personal use, clothing, cutlery, crockery, carpet, watches, computer equipment, appliances, among others.

Insurance companies typically cover certain types of damage to the contents of a home:

  • Robbery outside the house.
  • Electrical damage to appliances.
  • Food spoilage.
  • Theft of certain goods.
  • Jewelry and other goods.
  • Replacement of documents.
  • Robbery and robbery. glass breakage
  • Vitroceramic glass breakage.

When contracting Home insurance and covering the contents of a home, it is necessary to carry out an inventory in order to calculate its value. If you have high-value objects, you must inform the insurer of their existence.


They are all the constructive and structural elements that make up a building or a home. That is, it includes walls, ceilings, floors and heating, electricity, telecommunications, water installations, among others. It also includes the moldings and the painting of the walls.

When analyzing what the continent consists of in home insurance, we must take into account all the elements that came with it at the time of delivery, as well as those that were used for its construction, reform, improvement or rehabilitation.

Difference between content and container

  • Content are those personal property that are in a home. Includes furniture, appliances, clothing, jewelry, shelves, among others.
  • The continent is all the real estate that is in a home or building and makes up the walls, ceilings, floors and facilities of a home.

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