Difference between construction and architecture

There are wide differences in such related terms as construction and architecture. Construction is the technique used to manufacture buildings and any type of infrastructure, while architecture is the technique or art in charge of designing and projecting buildings and any element to be built in order to make it functional and attractive to the eye.


For architecture and engineering, construction is the technique used when manufacturing buildings and various infrastructures. It is everything that requires you to have a project and a certain planning before being carried out. It is also known as construction to any work that has already been built or built in addition to the infrastructure or building in the process of completion.

This name is also given to the adjacent area used for the building. Before starting a construction, a project is drawn up by architects and engineers that contains a budget, plans and the report or regulations.


It is the art and technique that is responsible for projecting, designing and building the human social habitat. This includes buildings, structures, spaces and urban areas. It encompasses consideration of all the physical environments that surround human life.

Architecture comes hand in hand with civilization, therefore, it is the set of modifications and alterations produced in the environment to satisfy human need. It is the art of composing and creating public and private buildings at the convenience and economy of those who require it. For a building to be convenient, it must be solid, comfortable and healthy.

Differences between construction and architecture

  • A construction is the action or technique of manufacturing a building or infrastructure. It is everything that requires a project or planning to be carried out.
  • Architecture is the art that projects and designs social spaces such as buildings, urban planning, structures and other urban areas.

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