Difference between concept and definition

It is very common to see that both the word -concept- and -definition- are used in the same contexts. The vast majority of people tend to think that they are synonymous words, that is, that they have the same meaning, when in fact this is not the case. Each of them is used to give different meaning to what you want to express. The specific differences between each of them, as well as their use, are pointed out in this article, below:


The word concept refers to the way we conceive an idea, that is, it gathers all the information, experiences, knowledge and images that we have regarding a situation or topic and a single idea is elaborated about it.

It can be said then that a concept is the particular or personal opinion of someone with respect to something. From this point of view, concept is the opinion that the person -is made- regarding another person, situation, experience, place or specific thing.

For example:

– A person can say -My concept of friendship is to share with like-minded people all the experiences of life-.

– The concept of fashion for young people is the use of many colors in clothing.


We can say that the definition refers to the exact and universal way of specifying an idea. This means that definition is, a term that implies the universal knowledge that one has about a particular object. Some authors point out that definition is the accuracy with which everything related to an object is expressed.

For example:

– Friendship is defined as the relationship of affection, sympathy and trust between people who do not have a family relationship.

– Fashion is the set of clothing and accessories used by a group of people during a given period of time.

According to the above, it can be seen that there are notable differences between concept and definition , which we can summarize below:

Concept Definition
The concept is a value judgment or an opinion regarding a specific object or situation. The definition is the exact and precise knowledge that one has about a certain object.
The concept can have different interpretations depending on the author or the person who describes it. The definition has only one exact, precise and verified definition.
The Concept is the way the person perceives an idea. Definition is the general knowledge of things.
The concept is born from a process of mental construction of each person that encompasses knowledge, experiences and ideas. The definition is born from facts that prove or specify a particular idea
The concept expresses the qualities of a thing or an object, according to a particular point of view The definition expresses the general characteristics of a thing or object
The concept tells what the author thinks of an object, thing, person or situation The definition is the precise description of that object
The concept is the idea about something. The definition is the description of that something.

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