Difference between Concept and Definition

Words such as -concept and definition- are often taken as synonyms, but in reality they do not represent the same thing. Today we will see the Difference between Concept and Definition and their respective examples.

What is concept?

Concept refers to the way in which we conceive an idea, that is, it presents all the information, experience, images and knowledge that we have regarding a situation or topic, all of this is put together and a single idea is elaborated in this regard.

Specifically, a concept is the opinion of each individual regarding something or someone. So the concept is made by the person himself, and is based on his knowledge and experiences throughout his life.

Concept examples:

  • A person can say: my concept about friendship is that it is an emotional bond that helps us to share and be better people.
  • The concept of an evangelical church, for many, is that there is a type of religious activity that presents God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

What is definition?

The definition refers to the universal and exact way to concretize an idea. That is, to define something you have to have universal knowledge (that is, general knowledge) to describe a person or object. Some authors consider that the definition is the exact expression of something or someone.

Definition examples:

  • Friendship is defined as: the relationship of sympathy, trust and affection between two or more people without necessarily having a family bond.
  • Fashion is a set of clothing that is used by a group of people at a given time.



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