Difference between cocoa and cocoa

The fruit of the cocoa tree or cocoa tree (theobroma cacao) is cocoa, a tropical fruit with which chocolate is produced, a food rich in nutrients and with an attractive flavor with which not only candies for children are made, but also very refined dishes. usually sweet.

Cocoa goes through different processes to obtain the raw material for the manufacture of chocolate and the extraction of materials such as cocoa butter, cocoa powder and cocoa.

In this sense, in this article we will present the most relevant differences between cocoa and cocoa based on their definitions.


Cocoa is the fruit of the cocoa tree (theobroma cacao), it is a large berry in the shape of a cob (ovoid), about 25 cm long by 15 cm wide, brown or reddish when ripe. Cocoa has inside some grains or seeds from which fat or cocoa butter, cocoa paste, cocoa liquor, cocoa and cocoa powder are extracted.

On the other hand, cocoa is a fruit rich in antioxidants and magnesium, it contains 50% fat in the form of butter, between 11 and 12% protein, between 7 and 8% starch and the rest is made up of water, fiber, essential organic acids and in smaller amounts it has sugar, theobromine, caffeine, and 300 more substances among which antioxidants, vitamins and minerals are mentioned.

In view of this amount of nutrients, cocoa is considered a favorable food for health, as it prevents cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, liver, gastric, colon cancer, diabetes, among others.


Cocoa is a processed ingredient that is obtained from cocoa, it is obtained when the cocoa bean is subjected to high temperatures. This heat alters the molecular structure of the cocoa beans, reducing the amount of enzymes, so the nutritional value of the product is lower than that of cocoa in its natural form. This powder is mainly used to make bars, cakes, spreads and chocolate cereals, it also contains preservatives and refined sugars, so it can be harmful to health.

In short, cocoa is a processed, heated and refined product that, when subjected to these procedures, loses its nutritional value but retains, to a large extent, the flavor of the original product and is used for the preparation of different foods. With the name of cocoa, cocoa is also known in English.

Once the definitions that concern us have been presented, the following differences between cocoa and cocoa are presented:

  • Cocoa is a natural food, the fruit of the cocoa tree or cocoa tree (theobroma cacao), while cocoa is a processed, heated and refined product that is extracted from the cocoa fruit.
  • Natural cacao is light in color while cocoa is dark in color due to the heating and burning process.
  • Cocoa has a large amount of nutrients, among which are antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that promote health, while cocoa does not have as many nutrients, since, when subjected to the heating and burning procedure, the amount of enzymes is reduced, losing nutritional value of the food.
  • Cocoa contains little amount of sugar in its most natural form while cocoa contains refined and processed sugar, milk fat, hydrogenated oils, artificial flavor and added flours.

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