Difference Between Climate and Weather

As we can imagine, weather and climate are frequently used words in meteorology and even in our daily lives. In the same way, they are two terms that are often confused with each other, due to the lack of information and precision found in some definitions.

However, the purpose of this article is to establish the differences between weather and climate, based on the definition of each of them and the indication of their characteristics, so that the reader can make correct use of each term. .


Climate is understood as the set of environmental conditions (temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity, wind and precipitation) that are characteristic of a given area. To determine the climate of a particular region or area, it is necessary to measure the environmental conditions mentioned permanently over long periods of time. This is because they can vary. Therefore, in this way the characteristics that define a climate are determined.

The climate is subdivided into different climatic groups such as warm, temperate-cold, cold, desert or mountain climate, among others. Climate refers, in short, to a succession of weather states in a given area, so it is a permanent condition that can include variations in the various environmental conditions (higher humidity, lower amount of wind, among others).


We can understand by time, the set of environmental variations that occur daily in a given place. To determine the weather, it is necessary to evaluate and measure numerous variables such as humidity, precipitation, displacement of air masses, atmospheric pressure, among others.

In the same way, this must be done daily, since the weather can vary and hence there are different types of weather, among which are mentioned: clear weather, slightly cloudy, cloudy weather, cloudy weather with precipitation, very rainy weather , etc. In short, time includes all the different environmental phenomena that occur in a short period of time.

Once both terms are defined, you can appreciate the great difference between weather and climate. Although for the study of both the same environmental factors must be taken into consideration such as precipitation, atmospheric pressure, winds, temperature and humidity, it is important to highlight the following differences between weather and climate :

Climate Time
Climate refers to the general conditions of an area or region evaluated over a long period of time, generally years. Weather refers to those same conditions but that occur in one day in an area or region.
The climate is stable and permanent, since what varies are environmental factors such as rainfall, temperature, atmospheric pressure, among others. The weather is variable, since, by varying the environmental conditions mentioned, the general state of the weather varies.
Climate is the usual environmental condition that exists in some area, that is, an average pattern. Weather is the variation of the daily environmental condition of a specific area.
Climate is something general and recurrent. Time is punctual and variable.

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