Difference between Clementine and Tangerine

Mandarin oranges and clementines are a pair of seasonal (winter) citrus fruits. Both are highly appreciated for their sweet flavor and their important contribution of vitamin C. Both, physically, are too similar. Small to medium in size, vibrant orange in color and inside organized in segments. However, these are two different types of fruit.

Comparison table

Origin The tangerine is one of the most appreciated seasonal fruits. Rich in vitamin C, it is native to Asia, although the largest producers are today in Latin America. As for the clementine, it is a hybrid between the tangerine and the orange. It is believed that it originated in China, although there are no reliable records of it. It is currently found all over the world.
  • Has seeds
  • Can be small to medium in size
  • Its taste is very sweet
  • Its skin is a bit thick and can sometimes be difficult to peel.
  • Has few or no seeds
  • vibrant orange
  • Its flavor is a little more sour than that of the tangerine, but without losing its sweetness.

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