Difference Between Christianity and Judaism

Main difference

Judaism is one of the oldest monotheistic religions, whose followers are called Jews and follow the revealed book Torah as their fundamental text. On the other hand, Christianity is the biggest religion in the world, the preachers who follow it are called Christians and they are the followers of Jesus Christ and the Bible of the book.

What is Christianity?

The founder of Christianity is the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus’ family generally follows Jewish customs and traditions and Jesus quoted fluently from the Hebrew Bible. Jesus’ followers believed that he was the Messiah, which is foretold in the Jewish Bible. Christians think that Jesus has fulfilled God’s promises and ushered in a new relationship with God. Christianity originated in the Roman province of Judea. Their places of worship are well known as Church, Chapel, Cathedral, Basilica, Bible Study Home. They practice prayers, sacraments, Bible reading and acts of charity. They believe in the Eternity of Heaven and Hell after Death.

What is Judaism?

Basically, Judaism is a religion from which Christianity was created (Jesus himself was a Jew). Judaism is one of the oldest religions dating back to 2000 years before Christ. It is from the time that God first called Abraham to leave his home and follow him. Judaism was born from the Levant. Judaism follows to pray 3 times a day, with an additional fourth prayer added on Shabbat and holidays, Shacarit prayer in the morning, Mincha in the afternoon, Arvit in the evening; Musaf is also an extra Shabbat prayer.Key differences

  1. Christians follow the holy book called “Bible”, while Jews usually follow “Tanakh (Jewish Bible) and the Torah, which basically includes the Bible.
  2. The Christian means of salvation is through the passion, death and resurrection of Christ, while the Jewish faith in God, good works and complete faith.
  3. Christianity consists entirely of individuals who directly believe in Jesus Christ, on the other hand, Jews follow the Abraham who created Judaism and his descendants from Isaac and Jacob.
  4. The Christian belief about God is properly that of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, while the Jews believe that God is a true creator. God has always existed, He did not exist before Him and He will remain forever.
  5. Eternity in heaven and hell is the strong belief of Christians after death, on the other hand, Jews have the concept of the world to come. Reincarnation in some groups, uniting with God and other opinions.

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