Difference between Centrifugal Force and Centripetal Force

Centrifugal force refers to the tendency of an object to follow a curved path away from the center of the curve itself. This isn’t really a force, but rather a result of inertia, which is an object’s tendency to resist change whether it’s moving or not. As for the centripetal force , it is a real force, which counteracts the centrifugal force and prevents the body in question from “flying away”, since it keeps it moving at a constant speed and with a circular path. Both terms are often confused with each other, however, there are small but significant differences between the two.

Comparison table

Centrifugal force
Centripetal force
Meaning It is the tendency of an object to follow a curved path while moving away from the center of it. It can be described as the “lack of centripetal force”. Instead, the centripetal force is one that keeps an object moving, with a uniform speed and a circular path.
Direction Around the radius of the circle in question, from the center and towards the object. Rather, it is going around the radius of the circle, away from the object and toward the center.
Example An example is the mud that comes off a tire while walking, or a child inside a spinning carousel. A satellite orbiting the Earth.
Formula The formula to calculate the centrifugal force is Fcf=mω²/r As for the centripetal force, its formula is Fc= mω²/r
It was defined by… Dutch astronomer Christiaan Hygens in 1659. It was defined by the British physicist Isaac Newton in 1684.
force type Actually, no. Centrifugal force is just the inertia of a moving body. On the contrary, the centripetal if it is a force. It is the one that prevents the body in question from flying off.

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