Difference Between Cemetery and Cemeteries

Main difference

The main difference between Graveyard and Graveyard is that a graveyard is a typically smaller graveyard; It is part of the cemetery. While a graveyard refers to a large graveyard, it is not associated with a church.

graveyard vs graveyard

The graveyard is a bit more archaic. It is the term used to mention the area or area where people were buried. He regularly connects with the church. While the term cemetery is the tradition or recent use. It also enhances the appearance of nice straight rows of graves. When a burial site is related to or attached to a church, the place or location is known as a cemetery, and a churchyard is a distinct configuration. A graveyard is untidy, while a churchyard is generally well-maintained.

The usual explanation associated with a graveyard is that it is usually adorned with dead trees and has no landscaped lawn. On the contrary, cemeteries are generally described as the most beautiful place to bury the dead. It’s like a calm and serene environment that, most of the time, is well landscaped with green grass and colorful flowers.

There are many cemeteries today that bury the dead in a seemingly disorganized arrangement giving the usual impression of a crowded burial place. Whereas cemeteries have a sense of symmetry, and headstones are well marked and usually arranged in rows or columns.

There is poor maintenance in the cemetery; In many situations, even hardly anyone is eager to clean up the graveyard. It will not be unexpected to see headstones looking dirty, dilapidated and somewhat discolored in the cemetery. But the cemetery is usually well maintained by a maintenance team.

Comparison chart

Graveyard Graveyard
It is a cemetery that connects with the church. It is a cemetery that is far from the church.
it looks messy Well preserved
absence of grass Lots of grass and flowers.
grave arrangement
messy fixed Arranged neatly in columns or rows
poor maintenance Well preserved
people preference
People did not prefer to be buried People prefer to bury themselves

What is the cemetery?

A cemetery is a place where people are buried after they die. Cemeteries are affiliated with a church and are typically located on church grounds. They tend to be smaller due to land boundaries, and are therefore often more selective: only associates or members of their religion, and sometimes only members of that specific church buried in a churchyard. The etymology behind the word cemetery is somewhat straightforward. After all, it is a courtyard or land occupied by graves or tombs.


The derivation of the cemetery is relatively obvious or clear; it is a field full of graves or tombs. Although it may surprise you to learn that the word “grave” originates from the Proto-Germanic *Graban, which means “to dig” and is associated with “groove”, but not “gravel”.

What is the cemetery?

A cemetery is a place where people are buried. They are not associated with a church, so they are often larger, as they can extend beyond the land adjacent to a church. There they buried religious and non-believers. In the cemetery, reflecting the design or geography, social attitudes, religious beliefs, health and aesthetic considerations, or thoughts, cemeteries can be elaborate or simply built with splendor or grandeur that surpass or shine the ordinary of the living. .

In European society, the formal funeral procedure is perceived from time to time in cemeteries. These rites or ceremonies of passage are different, which translates into cultural performances and religious backgrounds or beliefs. Today’s cemeteries frequently contain crematoriums, and some environs formerly used so much to endure as crematoriums as primary use much later, burial grounds have been occupied.


The name graveyard did not occur when the graveyard succeeded the eruption at the seams. It has its origin in the old French cimetiere, which intended well cemetery. However, the French term initially derives from the Greek koimeterion, meaning “place to sleep.”

Key differences

  1. Cemetery is a tract of land on which the buried dead can be found within the confines of a church, and a churchyard is a burial place for the dead that is usually located away from the church.
  2. Compared to the cemetery, there is better maintenance and upkeep in the cemetery.
  3. The cemetery is a less tidy or arranged place for final rest, while the graveyard is the quiet, more spacious, organized and organized place for final rest.
  4. A graveyard is usually adorned by dead trees and landscaped lawns are absent, and the graveyard is like a landscape well with green grass and colorful flowers.
  5. More people did not prefer to be buried in the cemetery instead of in the cemetery.

Final Thought

Although, if you have noticed, most funeral homes speak of cemeteries only and not cemeteries. There must be a cause for this. It’s because a graveyard and a graveyard are two different burial places for the (human) dead. We have to say that a cemetery is a kind of cemetery; however, a graveyard is generally not a graveyard.

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