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Both traditional Catholicism and the Orthodox Catholic Apostolic Church are branches of Christianity. In fact, both are two of the three most popular Christian churches in the world, along with the Protestant church. There is a link between the two that connects them and that marked the definitive separation between the two: the Schism of East and West. However, the similarities between Catholics and Orthodox prevail through the years.

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Etymology Catholic comes from the Greek “καθολικός” , “katholikós” which means “universal”. The word orthodox comes from the Greek “orthos” which means “right” and “doxa” which means “belief”.
brief introduction The Catholic Church is the Christian church with the largest number of followers in the world. Catholics belong to the church formed by Christ, who chose Saint Peter as the first pope. The apostles were responsible for leaving testimony to the Catholic creed. 

This creed has influenced the modern world in various aspects, such as cultural, social, political, among others.

The Orthodox Church is an autonomous church that brings together elements from various cultures, such as Greek, Russian and Middle Eastern. Initially, it shares its base with Christianity and Catholicism. Only some beliefs, uses and customs change. 

His symbol is the Orthodox cross.

Leader The head of the Catholic Church is the figure of the Pope, Bishop of Rome, who is currently Pope Francis. On the contrary, the Orthodox Church does not admit the supremacy of the pope. He is considered the head of the religion to Jesus. However, there is the figure of the patriarch, who, although considered an equal within the clergy, has symbolic supremacy.
Origin The Catholic Church has as its place of origin Jerusalem, the place where Jesus Christ was born. However, it is considered that the moment in which it originated was after the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ. This church is based on the Christian religion, however, it was shaped by the Roman Empire, the politics of that time and its geographical location. Its origin took place in the old Byzantine empire.
deities The Catholic Church is monotheistic, believes in God who appeared through his son Jesus Christ. However, the figure of Mary, the saints, the Divine Trinity, the Holy Spirit, the church and its clergy, among some others, are also praised. God, who presented himself through Jesus Christ. They believe in the crucifixion and the resurrection. Likewise, they believe in the Holy Spirit and in their church and its leaders.
Number of followers As for Catholics, the latest figures available in this regard indicate that there are 1,285 million Catholics in the world. It is estimated that there are between 225 and 300 million Orthodox.
holy scripture The Holy Bible, a collection of 73 canonical books divided into two parts: 46 in the Old Testament and 27 in the New Testament. In the same way, the Bible is the holy scriptures of the Orthodox.
About the Virgin Mary He is venerated, he is considered an example, a model; she is the mother of all catholics. She is called “the spotless one” or “all holy”. The Virgin Mary is the object of the most devout venerations. She is sometimes worshiped more than God himself.

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