Difference between cappuccino and latte

Main difference

Cappuccino and Latte are the two famous types of coffee drinks that millions of people consume on a daily basis around the world. People often mix these two different coffee drinks as they are quite similar in ingredients and appearance. Both drinks are Italian coffee drinks, so that’s also a big reason why they are considered the same. The main difference between these two coffee drinks is their taste. Cappuccino has more to do with milk foam made from traditional espresso. It usually depends more on the amount and type of cream that is used despite the milk. On the other hand, the latte is the type of coffee that involves steamed milk. It is steamed milk when it comes to latte.

Comparative chart

Cappuccino Latte
Source Italy Italy
Originated in 18th century 17th century
About Cappuccino is the type of Italian coffee drink that is made from double espresso, hot milk, and cream foam on the surface. Latte of Café Latte is also a type of Italian coffee drink that is made with more steamed and textured milk.
Type of milk Less steamed hot milk with cream foam. More steamed and textured milk,
Taste Cappuccino tastes more like creamed coffee with a thick foam layer on the surface. Latte has more of a textured milk flavor along with the traditional touch of coffee.
Used as It is only used as hot coffee. It is used as both hot and cold coffee.
Service style Cappuccino is generally served in traditional coffee glasses along with a saucer. Coffee with milk is generally served in porcelain glasses that are disposable in nature and have good heat retention capabilities.
What is cappuccino?

Cappuccino is one of the most famous types of coffee in the world and is consumed daily by millions of people around the world. Cappuccino is preferred because of its unique and elegant taste and the viscous texture of the cream and foam present on the surface of the coffee. The cappuccino initially originated in Italy for the first time. Italy is already considered the home of coffee, as many famous coffee drinks originate from Italy, such as cappuccino, moccasin, latte, etc. Cappuccino is the type of coffee drink that is made with double espresso, milk, cream, etc. The main commercial identity of the cappuccino is its incredible soothing taste and the thick layer of foam formed by the cream. He is more concerned with the type of cream and the amount used in cappuccino than with milk, as with other types of coffee drinks. Cappuccino is considered the best form of hot coffee. In addition to the double espresso, the cream and the temperature of the milk used are very important to make a good cappuccino. The best flavor is found when cream and milk are added at a particular hot temperature level to give it the maximum smooth and velvety touch. Aside from the ingredients, a perfect cappuccino also depends on the barista. Barista is the man who makes coffee in coffee shops, or we can say the professional coffee maker. Cappuccino introduced in the 18th century in Italy. The modern form of cappuccino is said to be made first in Vienna. Later, due to its unique and pleasant taste, it soon became famous in Europe, Australia, and America (not particularly North America). After the 1990s, finds more exposure around the world and makes its way to North America and part of the rest of the world. Currently, it is also becoming quite famous in Asia, the Middle East, and South Asian countries. Today, coffee machines are more preferred for brewing coffees, but still, cappuccino is best prepared when made by a skilled and professional barista.

What is Latte?

Latte is another type of famous coffee drink that also originated in Italy. Although coffee with milk is much older and more traditional than a cappuccino, it is not as famous around the world as cappuccino is famous. Everything in the end depends on personal choice and taste preference. As it also originates from Italy, many people around the world thought that both types were the same or consider the latte to be a kind of cappuccino. This concept is totally incorrect, since a latte is a very different type of coffee drink from cappuccino in terms of taste. Latte or more famous as Café Latte is the Italian coffee drink that is prepared with steamed milk. In other words, we can say that it is the type of coffee drink that is prepared with milk with more texture. Unlike the cappuccino, It’s not about the cream or thick foam on the surface of the coffee, it’s about the milk. Unlike the cappuccino,

Cappuccino vs. Latte
  • Cappuccino is an Italian coffee drink that is prepared from double espresso, milk, and cream.
  • Latte is an Italian coffee drink made with steamed or more textured milk.
  • Cappuccino like thick foam on the surface.
  • Coffee with milk can be served both hot and cold.

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