Difference between an Businessman and an Entrepreneur

In the world of economics there are two concepts that are interchanged even when they mean two slightly different things. An entrepreneur can be the owner of a company. He can also just be who runs it. An entrepreneur, on the other hand, is a person who is not afraid to take risks within some specific area of ​​his life; the most common is work or business.

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Definition An entrepreneur is usually the head of a corporation or company. His job is to make important decisions to determine the direction the business should take. An entrepreneur must set the objectives and goals of the company and do what is necessary to ensure that they are met. An entrepreneur can be an entrepreneur, but being an entrepreneur is not an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur implies being able to take risks in search of a greater benefit, although uncertain.
About the risks An entrepreneur makes rather safe decisions. He always seeks the welfare of the business and opts for those options that ensure some benefit. An entrepreneur is considered an entrepreneur when he steps out of his comfort zone and takes risks. An entrepreneur is not afraid of making mistakes. He knows that you learn from mistakes and that every mistake is an opportunity. When you are an entrepreneur, you evaluate the options and opt not for the safe one, but for the one that he promises, even when this promise is not a sure thing.
  • Delegate tasks to subordinates according to their capabilities
  • Decide which strategies will work best for your needs
  • anticipate problems
  • Try to be surrounded by the people who can bring the greatest benefits
  • You are familiar with all the production, administration and other processes that exist in your company
  • He knows how to work in a team, but his individual work is also valuable
  • An entrepreneur first of all feels passion for what he does. He is supposed to do what he likes the most
  • Learn from your mistakes
  • take risks
  • Visualize. Visualize the needs. The options. possible outcomes
  • Is determined and persistent
  • It is creative and innovative. Search where no one has searched before
  • knows how to spot opportunities
  • is assertive

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