Difference between Business and Company

It is common to confuse the terms company and company. Although there is nothing established regarding the use of one or the other, and their definitions do not mark any really notable difference between the two, the truth is that they are not the same.

Comparison table

Definition On the one hand, a company is an organization whose main purpose is to obtain an economic benefit. In exchange for this, it offers goods or services that satisfy a need or a want. As for a company, this is a trading company. A company, in fact, is a company. Except for a couple of small differences in practice, in theory, business and company are synonymous.
specific details It could be said that a company is the set of personnel, spaces, raw materials, machinery and others that together produce something. On the other hand, a company is that company that has been organized in the form of a public limited company, labor, limited, etc.
Use (classification) As for a company, its use is much less limited than that of company. For example, there are companies of industrial, commercial and service activities. 

Each of these in turn is subdivided according to its size, its scope of action (transnational company, for example), its legal form, etc.

Regardless of its definition, the word company is used primarily by insurers (insurance company).

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