Difference Between Bugs and Insects

It is normal to think that Bugs is the same as insects, and although in general terms they could be applied to practical examples, there are small differences that should be clear.

Definition of bugs and insects

What is a bug?

Bicho is used as a colloquial term to name insects. An example would be: “This office is full of bugs! You have to hire a fumigation service.”

There are several types of bugs, the most common are known as ball bug, ball bug or moisture pill.

By extension, a bug could be any animal, but in this case the concept would become descriptive or affectionate, depending on what the person thinks.

What is an insect?

The term insect comes from the Latin “insectus”, which in turn comes from ‘insecare’ (cut, make an incision). Its etymological origin relates it to the marks that the body of these animals presents and that resembles incisions.

Therefore, an insect is an arthropod whose body is divided into a head, thorax, and abdomen.

An insect has a pair of antennae and one or two pairs of wings and three pairs of legs, due to the metamorphosis it undergoes during its development. So, specifically..

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