Difference between brochure and tri-fold

A brochure and a triptych are different informative materials, whose function is to publicize some particular information but in a different way. In this sense, each person will evaluate the options available to them, in order to make the best decision and opt for the alternative that best suits their needs, interests, content and tastes.

In that order of ideas, in this article we will show the definitions and later we will point out the differences that exist between a brochure and a triptych.

User information

A brochure is a document printed on paper, which is used to advertise or promote a certain company, product or service, in order to attract the attention of the target audience and thus consume the advertised product or service. It can also be for informational purposes, to publicize some important information that you want to convey to the public.

On the other hand, brochures are pieces of editorial and advertising communication design that are directed to the public in a selective, general or personalized way. Brochures can be of various types, such as:

  • When it does not contain any type of fold, it is simply called a brochure.
  • When they have a single fold to form two parts, it is called a diptych.
  • When it contains two folds to form three parts, it is called a triptych.
  • When they contain more than two folds to form four parts onwards, they are called folding.

Brochures in any of their forms are characterized by having a front and back cover. There are also die-cut brochures called -poming- that contain a hole to be hung on the doorknobs and others called -perching  that are placed in mailboxes, leaving a part outside of it so that people passing by can take them. Apart from this, some brochures can only contain one main face and on the back they do not present any type of information, in which case, they are usually called flyers.


A triptych is a type of brochure that is used to promote a product, campaign, company or service, in order to attract the attention of the public and position the product or service in the market. It can also have an informative character when certain types of information are presented to the public. It can be general or personalized, it can even be aimed at certain types of people.

The main characteristic of a triptych is that the sheet of paper on which it is printed has two folds, which represents three internal faces and three external faces. Likewise, the front and back covers are on the outer layers and the information to be transmitted is usually placed on the inner faces. This usually has the institutional directory on the back, although it is not a mandatory requirement.

As can be seen in the previous definitions, there is a notable difference between a brochure and a triptych, which is indicated below:

  • The brochure is an advertising material that can have different presentations or forms (flyer, diptych, triptych or folding) while the triptych has a single presentation (two folds to form three faces).

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