Difference Between British and English

Main difference

British and English is one of the most used English terms. Although an Englishman can definitely be British and a Briton can definitely be English, there is a big difference. that difference is that the English are citizens of England, which is a state of Great Britain whose residents are called Britons.

What is British?

The British are the residents of the island of Great Britain. includes the states of Wales, Scotland and England. a resident of any of the three states is a British citizen. Great Britain was formed after the death of Queen Elizabeth 1 of England. the Scottish king was next in line to the throne and thus a joint monarchy was established.

What is English?

The English are residents of England. England is a state of the United Kingdom that includes Ireland and Great Britain.

Key differences

  1. England (land of the English) is a country. Great Britain, as you have pointed out, is made up of the countries England Scotland Wales. The UK includes Northern Ireland with this.
  2. English is also a language, while British strictly refers to belonging to Great Britain.
  3. England has its own flag, but England is not a United Nations country. thus, internationally, the English are not a nation, but the British are.
  4. The British population is about 64 million, but the English population is 53 million people.
  5. The area of ​​England is 130,395 km2. and the area of ​​Great Britain is 229,848km2.
  6. The English have an English accent, but the British have a Scottish, Walsh, or English accent.

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