What is the difference between Brilliant and Diamond?

Brilliant Vs Diamond

In general, we think that diamond and brilliant are synonymous. It is more common among women to hear the terms diamond ring or diamond ring.

What is Brilliant?

They are diamonds or any gemstone that has been cut in a specific way. These types of cuts offer the stone various facets to allow it to shine exceptionally.

The cut of diamonds and any precious stone generates a weight loss, almost always greater than 50% of the total stone. The round brilliant cut is the most common if the crystal or stone is an octahedron, that way two stones can be obtained from the same crystal.

There are several types of crystals that can be elegantly cut, they are known as twins and their crystalline shape allows for a much more natural cut. There are different cuts such as the round cut or the standard Scandinavian cut.

Symmetry and polish are important parts of the cut. The degree of polish determines the smoothness of the diamond’s facets and its appearance. Symmetry determines the direction of light entering and exiting the bright.

What is Diamond?

This term comes from the ancient Greek adamas with meaning is invincible, it is an allotrope of carbon where its atoms are arranged in a cubic structure called diamond lattice.

Diamond is the second most stable form of carbon. Diamond atoms are held together by a strong covalent bond. The pure diamond is completely crystalline, however, if the crystal is contaminated with other minerals, it can take on other colors such as green, blue, black, pink, violet, red and orange.

Differences between brilliant and diamond

  • Diamonds are a stable carbon structure formed by the action of high pressure exerted by depths on coal.
  • The brilliant is the precious stone or diamond cut in such a way that it reflects the incident light.

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